Gynoguilt in Action: Journolist Femisogynist Recommends Bashing McCain’s Sarah Palin Selection as “Sexist”

Reading the recent release of the Journolist discussion on the day of Sarah Palin’s selection to be John McCain’s running mate, I was surprised by how un-surprised I was . . . until I got to the part at which Suzanne Nossel - chief of operations at Human Rights Watch and author of Presumed Equal: What [...]

Sarah Palin’s Mama Grizzlies Metaphor: Striking At the Heart of Femisogyny

Sarah Palin’s mama grizzly bear metaphor is the key to understanding why the left has a visceral (and vicious) reaction not only to Palin herself, but to all conservative women who are standing up, refusing to be relegated to the silent corners of oppression to which leftist feminists have worked so hard and long to [...]

White Guilt and Gynoguilt: How the Left’s Culture of Victimhood Undermines Equality

As we all know, the Left and particularly its kudzu-like strangling of all aspects of academia is very fond of its “isms.”  Feminism, racism, whateverism–all purportedly designed to “call out” the oppressive white male and to tear down sexist walls, crash through glass ceilings, and break out of the cycle of oppression.
So imagine my surprise [...]

Already Equal To Men: Avoiding the Fallacies of Faux Feminism

As the Right reclaims feminism from the Left, we should learn from their manifold mistakes. As Lori Ziganto reminds us, women “are already equal to men.” Feminists on the right understand that our equality does not come from man or government.
Leftist feminists have long held and hard hammered the belief that women are somehow less [...]