Ecologists against the Jews


Environmentalists launch primitive diatribe against the only country to enter the 21st century with a net gain in forest growth.

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The ‘Protocols’ — Alive and Well World Over


The only book that has ever had the perverse distinction of being both globally influential and, at the same time, a forgery.

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Palestinian Death Cult


Palestinian Arab children trade “martyr cards” instead of Pokemon cards.

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What Will the New Palestinian State Look Like?


The first step toward driving the Jews into the sea.

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The Real Saviours of Soviet Jewry


Was Gorbachev really the man who “let our people go” from Soviet Russia?

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The End of Israel?


Envisioning the worst-case scenarios.

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The Churches Against Israel


Christian blood libels revived,

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Sanctioning Jewish Deaths


Western intellectuals, cultural icons have much Israeli blood on their hands.

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Fighting Jewish Genocide


When will the West stand up against the genocidal incitement against Jews?

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Fighting the “Soft War” on Israel


Why the Jewish State must take on the nexus of “humanitarian” organizations and Arab regimes.

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