Trainwreck: Where the Mommy Wars Went Off Track

Recently, I wrote a post entitled, In Defense of Women:  Why the Mommy Wars are Counter-Productive, in which I audaciously asked that those who criticize women’s parenting decisions “back off” and that we “find a middle ground.”  I did not state my personal position in the Mommy Wars, just that it was counter-productive to wage [...]

In Defense of Women: Why the Mommy Wars are Counter-Productive

There is one subject in which I claim expert status:  Mommy guilt. Raising three children, I’ve analyzed every decision I’ve ever made, no matter its seeming insignificance.  As a second-generation feminist, I’ve tortured myself with all the options my predecessors presented me.  Should I work outside the home?  Should I be a stay-at-home mom?  What [...]

Dinosaurs Are Carnivorous: Why the Left and the Establishment Want to Destroy Conservative Women

Have you ever watched the Animal Planet shows on nature’s predators? There is one that highlights a lovely, young deer, drinking water from a pond. In the foliage, we see a shrewd and hungry lion skulking, preparing to attack its defenseless prey. The lion bursts out of the bushes, leaps…and bloodily kills the unsuspecting deer. [...]

“Corrupt Bastard” Alert: The Mainstream Media Writes Joe Miller’s Campaign Story, Two Days Before the Election.

At the age of four, I became a news junkie.  My first indoctrination was the Watergate hearings, which were on in place of my mother’s CBS soap operas.  I listened to Walter Cronkite and Robert MacNeil when they explained the Senate Committee’s findings.  Dan Rather and Tom Brokaw earned their stripes, as network correspondents.  I [...]