Heated Confrontation On Islam — On The Glazov Gang

Stand-Off on Islam — on The Glazov Gang

A heated confrontation breaks out over the “Religion of Peace” on Frontpage’s television show.

Face-Off on the Election of 2012 — on The Glazov Gang


Doris Montrose, Rob Nelson and Mark Tapson mix it up on Frontpage’s television program.

Fireworks Over Attacking Iran — On The Glazov Gang

A heated exchange on Islam — and what to do about Iran — breaks out on Frontpage’s television program.

Heated Confrontation On Islam — On The Glazov Gang


A discussion on the heinous Jihadi crime in Toulouse escalates into an acrimonious verbal brawl on Frontpage’s television program.

A Night of Conservative Stand-Up Comedy in Westlake Village Near L.A


Come join conservative comedian Evan Sayet lead a night of a pure skewering of the Left.

Leftist Feminists, Do You Have Any Shame At Last?


Why your callous silence on the suffering of millions of women under Islamic gender apartheid?

Naming Names


Terror expert Michael Widlanski points to the western elites who are leaving us vulnerable to the jihadi threat.

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The Final Voyage of the USS Enterprise


Mark Krikorian crystallizes the problem of naming ships after living people.

Remembering a Dissident

A tribute to my father for his courageous battle against the Soviet Empire.