The Rebuilding of Iraq During a Raging Insurgency


An American hero tells a story the media didn’t want you to hear.

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Symposium: The Casey Anthony Verdict


Alan Dershowitz and Prof. William Anderson go toe-to-toe with Ben Shapiro and Rob Taylor in a heated exchange at Frontpage.

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Altamont Augie


Richard Barager delivers a riveting novel about how love endured during a decade of war and turbulence.

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Symposium: Why We Left Our POWs Behind


Four distinguished experts tell the tragic and unconscionable inside story.

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Extravagant Expectations


Paul Hollander sheds light on the new ways to find romantic love in America.

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Our Complicity in Female Genital Mutilation


How current Western policies enable a violent and barbaric crime against women.

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Egypt Unveiled


Who exactly are the self-proclaimed “moderates”?

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Symposium: Romancing Opiates


Theodore Dalrymple goes head-to-head with his critics on his take on pharmacological lies and the addiction bureaucracy.

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Forbidden Territories


Pierre Rehov’s new social network sets out to battle Muslim propaganda.

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Religion of Rape


An Oslo police report confirms that every solved case of assault-rape in Norway in 2010 was carried out by a Muslim immigrant.

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