Symposium: The Red Arabs


How Arab socialists and Islamists have been preparing for this Mideast moment.

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Rahm Emanuel Drops the Ball on School Dropouts


A leading activist exposes why Emanuel’s plan to cut dropout rates is a cure worse than the disease.

Berkeley on Trial over Jewish Student’s Assault

berkeley protest

Jessica Felber’s attorney blasts the university’s hypocrisy and double standards regarding Muslim violence.

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Deconstructing Obama


Did the president write his own books? An investigative journalist brings his troubling findings to the table.

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A Muslim Upbringing and Terrorism


A child psychologist brings fifteen years of troubling observations to the table.

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A Psychiatric Conference on Truthful Girl


As the Center’s “Wall of Lies” Campaign heats up, Frontpage revisits Jumanah Albahri’s lust to exterminate Jews.

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Gorbachev Denounces Putin’s “Sham” Democracy


The Godfather of Glasnost and Perestroika issues a harsh rebuke of Russia’s ruling regime.

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Muslim Rape, Feminist Silence


Where are the Women’s Studies Departments denouncing the sexual assault of Lara Logan?

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The Muslim Brotherhood’s Political Pilgrims


The Left’s unsurprising romance with Egypt’s Islamo-fascists.

Islam and the Brutal Sex Assault of Lara Logan

Lara Logan Attack

What the “Religion of Peace” teaches about raping unbelievers.

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