We Are All Noor Almaleki


The trial begins of Faleh Almaleki for the “honor killing” of his daughter in Phoenix. Will we stand up for her memory?

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The Terror Behind an Imam’s Mask


The scary connections of Abdullah Adhami, the Ground Zero Mosque’s new face of “moderation.”

The Imam Shakeup


The Ground Zero mosque project gets a face-lift — but the terror ties remain.

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Death Orders


The vanguard of modern terrorism in revolutionary Russia.

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The Subversive Agenda of our Public Schools


What we all need to know and how we can change it.

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Samaria’s Strategic Value

tel aviv

The advantages to Israel of Samaria’s strategic heights, territorial depth and airspace — without which her borders would be indefensible.

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The Transforming Fire


The rise of the Israel-Islamist conflict.

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Symposium: America in Decline?


Robert Lieber and James Carafano assess whether the 21st Century can still be an American era.

Molly Norris Day


The woman who must be named the patron saint of Americans who refuse to sacrifice free speech.

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Remembering Israel’s Victims of Terror


A new book honors their sacrifice and their pain.

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