The Officers’ Club


Ralph Peters discusses his new mystery thriller, the upheaval in Egypt, and whether he would shoot Osama.

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Obama’s Muslim Brotherhood Romance


Why the President’s outreach to the Islamists in Egypt is only to be expected from America’s Radical-in-Chief.

Warnings About 2012


Stanley Kurtz crystallizes the irreversible consequences of the Radical-in-Chief securing a second term.

The Muslim Brotherhood’s Penetration of the Obama Administration


The Islamists the president brought into his midst.

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Punking the Left


A new book mercilessly skewers progressives.

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We Are All Noor Almaleki


The trial begins of Faleh Almaleki for the “honor killing” of his daughter in Phoenix. Will we stand up for her memory?

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The Terror Behind an Imam’s Mask


The scary connections of Abdullah Adhami, the Ground Zero Mosque’s new face of “moderation.”

The Imam Shakeup


The Ground Zero mosque project gets a face-lift — but the terror ties remain.

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Death Orders


The vanguard of modern terrorism in revolutionary Russia.

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The Subversive Agenda of our Public Schools


What we all need to know and how we can change it.

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