A Badge of Muslim Courage: Raheel Raza


Canadian Muslim reformer discusses her confrontation with the Ground Zero mosque developers — and the threat she received in return.

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Leftist Professors and Double Standards


900 academics were asked to defend persecuted women, gays and lesbians in the Muslim Middle East. How many stood up?

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The Arab Lobby


The invisible alliance that undermines America’s interests in the Middle East.

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In Defense of Faith


Author David Brog sheds light on the Judeo-Christian idea and the struggle for humanity.

Obama’s Foreign Policy Failures


Lt. Colonel Ralph Peters explains how he’s never witnessed worse strategic incompetence on the part of a presidential administration.

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Accomplice to Evil


Michael Ledeen discusses a prophecy he made about Iran and how, alone among Western observers, he got it right.

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A Freedom Plaza Next to the Ground Zero Mosque?


The head of the Raoul Wallenberg World Campaign against Racism proposes a plan to counter Islamic triumphalism on the 9/11 site.

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Hate Speech from the Ground Zero Mosque Imam


A new audio surfaces of Feisal Abdul Rauf explaining how the U.S. is worse than al-Qaeda.

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Obama’s Teachable Mosque Moment


Victor Davis Hanson sheds light on the old-community-organizer-now-president wading into the Ground Zero mosque contorversy.

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CAIR’s War on America


A counter-terrorism expert asks why the FBI is cooperating with an Islamist group that is working full-time to destroy our country.

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