Has Dr. Rand Paul Been Abducted by Aliens?

I now know how deep-space NASA probes feel! For months, I have attempted to detect signs of life at the Rand Paul for Kentucky Senate Headquarters – to no avail.
I am hoping to get an explanation how a  man who asserted, only a year ago on Anti-War Radio, that he was a virtual carbon-copy of his father, Ron [...]

Radical Son Holds the Key to Naomi Klein’s Love of Hamas


The Amazon best-seller No Logo was penned, ironically, by anti-capitalist activist Naomi Klein. Asked during a Big Think interview why she became involved in politics, the Canadian journalist replied:
“There was a moment where I became involved in politics as a university student, and that was a very political school shooting. A man named Mark Lepine [...]

Ask a Harvard Genius: Does Sharia Law Mandate Child Rape?

Did God tell Mohammad, at the age of 50, to marry Aisha, who was only nine?  More importantly, does Sharia Law, based in part on the conduct of Mohammad, still permit the imposing of marriage upon Muslim girls at the age of nine?
In February, the Harvard Islamic Society hosted a teleconference featuring some of the world’s [...]

Western Civilization Rising: “If Israel Goes Down, We All Go Down”

The World Jewish Congress website hosts a call to stand with Israel by the former Prime Minister of Spain, Jose Maria Aznar.  Jose Maria was Prime Minister from 1996 until the Spanish acquiesced to terrorists attacks in 2004 and replaced him with a politician who would pull the country out of the War on Terror.
Aznar’s is a [...]

Mark LeVine Gives Helen Thomas A Facelift: She’s a Victim of the Israel Lobby!

On May 10, 2010, David Horowitz asked Jumanah Imad Albahri, a member of the Muslim Student Association, a very simple question. Following his lecture given during Islamofascism Awareness Week at the University of California in San Diego, the Freedom Center’s director wanted to know if Jumanah shared Hezbollah’s dream of committing a second Holocaust.
In his [...]

Engineers of the Next Final Solution Recommend Juan Cole’s “Informed Comment”

On Monday, June 7th, I called the office of a well-known opponent of US support for Israel, a man who predicts the eventual morphing of Israel into a “Palestinian-dominated Israel that will no longer be a Jewish State.” Expecting to speak to an administrative assistant, I was surprised to hear the voice of the Goebbelian [...]

Russia Will Spread Her Errors Throughout the World

In 1917, three illiterate Portuguese children returned from watching their grazing sheep and told their parents that a “luminous young girl” had appeared in the sky in above the family’s pasture and spoke to them. News of the incident spread like wild fire. Of course, almost no one believed them. The children returned to see [...]

Helen Thomas Tells Jews to Go Back to Germany


The White House press icon lets her true feelings be known about Jews.

Helen Thomas and the Definitive Answer to Why the First Holocaust Happened

On January 27, 1998, Yehuda Bauer, Director of Research at Yad Vashem, concluded his Holocaust commemoration address at the Bundestag in Germany with the following:
“Thou shalt not be a perpetrator.”
“Thou shalt not be a victim.”
“And Thou shalt never, but never be a bystander.”
It is remarkable that Bauer saved the strongest admonition for bystanders.
On Friday May [...]

Andrew Sullivan’s Litany of Israel: Paranoid, Utterly Arrogant, Fueled by a Sense of Impunity…a Steaming Mess

Andrew Sullivan is one of the Left’s most prolific and popular bloggers. He enhances his quirky persona by donning the mantle of Catholicity with all the legitimacy of a vegetarian Jeffrey Dahmer. (Allegiance to a religion generally requires intellectual assent to and compliance with at least one doctrine and moral ordinance.) Since the terrorist attempt [...]