Blood Libel: Left-wing Conspiracy Theories

The same people who dismiss conservative speech as promoting fear and suspicion have gotten into the paranoia game themselves. Along with serving as an excuse to distract from the childish premise that Sarah Palin was to blame for the Arizona shootings, the left-wing media have crafted an aimless conspiracy around the phrase “blood libel.”

Leftists Upset About “Huck Finn” Censorship Have Only Themselves to Blame

As outdated as the Left claims the Constitution to be, when it serves their purposes they dramatically embrace the First Amendment. The Left loves a good censorship controversy, and there is seldom anything that brings out the leftist media’s self-righteous indignation more than the issue of literary censorship. They practically climb over each other in [...]

Michael Vick: Cinderella of the Year

Sporting events are an ideal medium for the Cinderella narrative. This can be attributed to the way the plot speaks to the human spirit: it is a story of the underdog, of rags to riches, and at times, a tale of redemption… Which brings us to the sports-world’s Cinderella of the year: Michael Vick…