Pro-Pedophile Propaganda: For It Or Against It, David Frum?

It’s shaping up to be a busy week for David Frum, what with manning the speculum for Andrew Sullivan (OB-Atlantic), picking irrational fights with David Horowitz, and hourly dry humping of his blog visitor stats.  Perhaps that’s why honesty, integrity, and concern for his reputation fell completely to the wayside.
Visions of a traffic spike dancing [...]

Humiliated by NewsReal Editors, Olbermann Discovers an Easier Target: 12-Year-Olds

Keith Olbermann is a phenomenal ass. His viewers know it, his critics know it, and now a 12-year-old kid who goes by the Twitter handle @americanpenguin knows it.
After two long years of watching Countdown day after day, not missing one episode at all, I think something has gotten into this man.
For me, his decline [...]

Amanda Marcotte: The Pleasure of Sadism Is the Force Behind Conservatism

Is there any limit to the cruelty of the American conservative? These vicious sadists take great delight in harming people and reveling in their suffering, or so says Amanda Marcotte, noted expert on wha? huh? look over there!
The pleasure of sadism as [sic] always been a driving force behind movement conservatism.  They’ve always taken a [...]

The Mysterious Case of the Missing Ann Coulter

The American Prospect didn’t get much attention for breaking a huge story earlier this month: the mysterious disappearance of Ann Coulter.
Few of us realized she was missing, but luckily crack detective Paul Waldman was on the case.  The Media Matters alum was determined to find an answer to the question no one else was asking:  [...]

Mark Morford: Conservative Women Are “Pseudo-Women” and “Bitches”

Mark Morford’s San Francisco Chronicle column is what a leftist’s diary might look like — if that leftist was a horny 14-year-old with a man-sized crush on Obama and a predilection for verbally abusing conservative women. Hmm. Scratch that. Morford’s column is exactly what a leftist’s diary would look like.
You might recognize Morford as the [...]

Object to Prostitot Culture? You’re Probably a Racist Prude

Decked out in flashy burlesque costumes, five dancers mouth sexually suggestive lyrics as they writhe and shimmy across the stage.   The audience hoots and hollers as they gyrate to Beyoncé’s “Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It).”
If you’ve seen the viral video then you already know: these YouTube sensations are just eight and nine years [...]

Female Genital Mutilation, Ivy League Edition

Should surgeons promote an aesthetic standard for little girls’ genitals? Pediatric urologist Dix Poppas thinks so, and he’s more than happy to slice and dice away any deviations in the size and shape of your daughter’s clitoris.
This elective butchery of little girls isn’t based on the edict of some Muslim cleric in Yemen or Egypt. [...]

Anti-Semitic Comment of the Day: The Jews Fund Communism

Anti-Semitic conspiracy theorist DavidTehGnome left behind this bit of filth while trolling the comments on Matthew Vadum’s recent post, Did Bill Ayers Aspire To Be America’s Pol Pot?:
Hitler fought the communists, who happen to be at the core jews plain and simple. The fact that he is mentioned, albeit in passing and in somewhat dubious [...]

Nannies: The Next Class Warfare Casualty

Forget the nanny state.  New York is well on its way to becoming the nanny-less state.
The Domestic Workers’ Bill of Rights passed by the New York State Senate earlier this month is being sold as a package of workplace protections for nannies, housekeepers, and other domestic employees.  But is the legislation really a human rights [...]

Feminist Left Uses Child’s DIY Abortion by Pencil to Score Political Points

30-year-old Michael Lisk told police he had sex with his 13-year-old neighbor “too many times to count.”  He said the rapes, which began when the girl was just 12, were “like a marriage where you have sex all the time.”
Twelve months of sexual abuse culminated in a horrific incident last week when the pregnant child [...]