Putin vs. the Punks


An all-female punk band languishes in Russia’s prison system for criticizing the thugocrat in charge.

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In Defense of Outsourcing


What neither presidential candidate has the political courage to say.

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The Business That Government Built


President Obama thinks that government deserves the credit for small businesses’ success.

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Obama’s Latest Soak-the-Rich Scheme

Barack Obama

How the president’s call for tax hikes will shrink the economy and harm the middle class.

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Transparency Ends at the White House Door


Whistleblowers beware in the Obama era.

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Smearing Michael McFaul


The Russian government launches a crude propaganda campaign against the American ambassador and architect of Obama’s “reset” policy.

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The Trials of Cory Booker


Newark’s Democratic mayor comes under attack for telling the truth about Obama’s anti-capitalist reelection campaign.

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Obama’s Bain Blame Game


The president resurrects a failed anti-capitalist trope.

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Wisconsin Recall Sputters


Democrats reject a union-friendly candidate as the left’s anti-Walker campaign runs out of gas.

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Putin Back with a Vengeance


The Russian autocrat begins his third term with a new crackdown on pro-democracy demonstrators.

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