Senate Health Bill Is Outlined by Reid –

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid outlined for Democrats Wednesday a ten-year $849 billion bill that would overhaul the nation’s health-care system and extend insurance to 31 million Americans without coverage. via Senate Health Bill Is Outlined by Reid –

RealClearPolitics – Eric Holder’s Grave Mistake

WASHINGTON — Eric Holder — distinguished prosecutor, judge, foe of public corruption, basketball enthusiast, mentor to disadvantaged youth — seemed a reassuring choice for attorney general. When Holder affirmed during his confirmation hearing that America remains at war with terrorists, Sen. Lindsey Graham enthused, “I’m almost ready to vote for you right now.” via RealClearPolitics […]

America on Trial – by Jacob Laksin


How a civilian trial of Khaled Sheikh Mohammed could endanger the country.

Obama’s Exit Strategy – by Jacob Laksin


Is the president getting ready to reject a troop increase for Afghanistan?

Obama’s Attack Dog Bows Out – by Jacob Laksin


Outgoing White House communications director Anita Dunn will leave behind a troubled legacy.

The Bill to Nowhere – by Jacob Laksin


The House version of Obamacare may not go far.

Obamacare on Life Support – by Jacob Laksin


What the Republican resurgence means for Obama’s signature legislative issue.

The Conservative Revival – by Jacob Laksin

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The David Horowitz Freedom Center’s upcoming Restoration Weekend is the latest sign of resurgence on the Right.

FOX and Foes – by Jacob Laksin


The Obama administration’s daft and dangerous campaign to discredit FOX News.

Wilders Wins – by Jacob Laksin


In a victory for free speech, a British tribunal reverses the ban of Dutch anti-Islam campaigner Geert Wilders.