Russia’s Perversion of Justice


A deceased lawyer may be tried posthumously by the government officials who killed him.

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Media Matters Exposed


A new report shows how the progressive propaganda machine pulls the strings of the left-wing media.

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Press Freedom Under Attack in Latin America

chavez correa ortega

Leftist dictators launch a war on their countries’ media.

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Ousting Assad


The Obama administration weighs its options on Syria.

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Conservative Combat Journalism


A new conservative magazine challenges the Left’s media monopoly.

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Putin and the Politics of Anti-Americanism


Russia’s autocrat turns to conspiracy theories and slander to win public support.

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Assad’s Faithful Ally

putin assad

Why Russia is backing the Syrian regime’s terror against its people.

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Press Freedom in Peril?


Was there a “crackdown” on reporters covering Occupy Wall Street?

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American Sniper

Chris Kyle in Iraq (Facebook)

An interview with Navy SEAL Chris Kyle, the deadliest marksman in U.S. history.

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Fighting Back Against Lawfare


Human-rights attorney and activist Brooke Goldstein coming to speak at the Philadelphia Chapter of the Freedom Center.

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