Copts Seek Hate Speech Warrant Against Al-Azhar Authority

In one hand we have hate speech laws. In the other we have the violent language of normal Mohammedan religious text. It was inevitable that minds would put the two together. But who expected it to be the Copts? It is too logical. And they are taking it to court. The Copts are an obviously [...]

Slicing Through The Euro-Knot: Free Speech in the Birthplace of Democracy, Nazism & Communism

Europe. That topsy turvy land where you can die for women’s rights, and yet be publicly damned ❖ Where EU democracy means repeating elections until politicians approve the vote ❖ Where “anti-facists” are gangs of black-clad thugs, who attack pro-freedom writers and publishers ❖ Where laws devised to stamp out Nazi propaganda are used for [...]

Obama Apologizes for Winning WWII: Follow Up From Japan Broadcasting

Some follow up notes to this post on Hiroshima/Nagasaki memorial ceremonies: The Nagasaki half of the memorial ceremonies for the atomic bomb dead ended just today and NHK (日本放送協会, NiPPon HoSo KyoKai: Japan Broadcasting Corporation) is reporting as they do every year. The presence of Ambassador Roos was noticed as the exceptional break with customary [...]

Bloomberg’s MTA Refuses to Allow 9/11 Images, Bans Ground Zero Bus Campaign

FYI Pamela Geller has just announced that Bloomberg’s MTA refuses to allow 911 images on a bus ad opposing the Ground Zero Triumphal Mosque. Today we filed a lawsuit against the city of New York. Here is the complaint: Download Complaint–FDIvMTA–Filed_Stamped The city has refused to run my SIOA “Preservation of Ground Zero” bus campaign. [...]

Obama To Apologize For Winning WWII?

War is hell. Unoffending civilians are killed. Irreplaceable treasures are destroyed. That is the nature of war. That is why we try avoid it if possible. But unless you are the aggressor, you don’t go back afterwards and apologize for defending yourself and your allies when attacked. Our Apologizer-in-Chief is sending an abassador to the [...]

Jihadis Demand More Tribute From Japan – Can Washington Be Trusted To Help?

FYI AFP reports that the jihad is turning its baleful eye on infidel Buddhist Japan. The Lame Stream Media has all but completely ignored the jihad front against the Buddhists of southern Thailand. No doubt they will miss the point here. But Japan is confronted with an uncomfortable choice. Washington, Beijing or insecure solitude. According [...]

“Moderate” Muslims Are Calm As Ex-Muslims Are Killed

Who would attack a person for leaving their religion? Who would attack a person for defending the right to leave one’s religion? These seem absurd questions. But they’re not — it seems that “moderate” Mohammedans in America have been attacking an organization for defending even the right to leave the Mohammedan religion.
Honest to Murgatroyd, I’m [...]

State Dept Sends CAIR Director Overseas – America’s New Face

The Detroit News reports that Obama’s State Department underwrote a trip to Mali for CAIR-Michigan’s executive director Dawud Walid. One can only suppose that the regime is upgrading its programs of Mohammedan outreach to jihadist outreach.
This is your second trip to Mali? What program are you participating in there?
This is my second time participating in [...]

Cameron Visits Turkey, Blames Israel for Gaza ‘Prison Camp’

The standard Mohammedan elite propaganda issued to their oppressed public is that outsiders, and most particularly the Jews, are the proper target of their frustrations.
I can understand this coming from Mohammedan politicos, or preachers or newly minted royalty — who wants an angry mob surrounding the mansion? But why does the British Prime Minister want [...]

Democrats Betray Blacks Again… And Howard Dean Blames Fox News

The democrats cannot afford to lose a single black vote come november. It is crucial for the Democrats that black citizens believe that the Democrats’ opponents are anti-black racists. Meanwhile, Democrats are crushing black employment. What would happen if somebody noticed?
Over at Diversity Inc we are informed that:
The jobless rate for Blacks ages 16 and [...]