Movie to Mud Margaret Thatcher. The Usual Propaganda or Something Worse?

The left’s smear machine is winding up for another mud flinging character attack. The proposed target is the unlikely and much admired figure of Margaret Thatcher. And this time it is to take the form of an art-house style draahma film.
What could possibly be the point? The benign Lady Margaret is hardly a controversial figure [...]

Hindu Boy Drinks from Mohammedans-Only Water Fountain… Riots Follow

Maybe someday the cowards of the general press and media will call Mohammedan apartheid and religious segregation by their proper names. But that day isn’t today. And it probably won’t be tomorrow.
This comes to us from Asian News International by way of Jihad Watch.
Apparently a Hindu boy in Memon Goth in Karachi (a city of [...]

Bloomberg Submits to Islam, Honors 9/11 Victory for Allah

Hear those crickets? … … That’s the sound of the NYC press as Bloomberg and his, non-alcoholic, no caffeine, no smoking, cocktail crowd shove through the Cordoba House Victory Commemoration Mosque — in honor of Allah’s great victory over the infidel on 9/11/2001.
The inimitable Pamela Geller, in her signature NYC voice, has thrown down the [...]

Obama’s Islamization of NASA

Obama sometimes seems to be all campaign all the time. But is he running for president of the OIC? Earlier this year his budget raised hackles and eyebrows by cutting out the Constellation program, intended to develop new rockets to carry people into space — such as the Ares rocket, meant to replace the aging [...]

Clinton Defends KKK Cyclops… and the Ends Justifying the Means

Ever wonder how many of our politicians seem a little too comfortable around the morally monstrous? No doubt some lack interest in moral matters. But most probably have their heads are stuffed with ancient misconceptions about morality. Ocassionally one of them will open their yap, and accidentally give us a quick glimpse behind the curtain.
Our [...]