Julian Assange of Wikileaks Has Been Living In The Matrix

It looks like Julian Assange, of Wikileaks, believes he is Neo from the Matrix. He has been living in the Matrix as a computer hacker and now has found fame as the guy who leaked thousands of classified DOD documents. These documents show troop movements, enemy intelligence, and targeting information. They also have information that [...]

Notorious Tax Hiker John Kerry Caught Not Paying His Taxes

The Washington Post Sunday edition had the headline, “Battle Looms on Tax Breaks: Bush-Era Cuts for Rich at Issue.” There is definitely a fight brewing on Capitol Hill as the Bush Tax Cuts near an end and the Obama administration is looking at sticking it to the rich with tax hikes. You would think that the [...]

Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. Who Cares?

The whole debate surrounding “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” came to mind as the comedy theater of the Senate Confirmation Hearings of Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan began in Washington. The only real challenges to her nomination centered around her decision as the Dean of Harvard Law School to ban military recruiters from the school. She [...]

The Only Thing Warming Up Is Al Gore’s Transgressions

The issue of Global Warming has been on my mind since the news of Al Gore’s philandering and impending divorce hit the headlines. Al and Tipper are calling it quits after many years of marital bliss and make out sessions at political conventions. It seems Al was enjoying the company of a masseuse. I wonder [...]