The Crazed Sex Poodle Has Apparently Tried To Hump More Than One Masseuse’s Leg

Back when the “Al Gore, Giggling Crazed Sex Poodle” massage that almost turned into a sexual assault scandal broke, there were some questions about whether the masseuse was telling the truth.
Granted, her story sounded plausible — and creepy. But let’s face it: In this 15 minutes of fame, reality show, lawsuit lottery culture, you couldn’t [...]

A Window Into The World Of The Mainstream Media: False Charges Of Racism & Burying Stories To Help Democrats

There’s a reason talk radio, Fox, and the blogosphere have taken off in recent years: it’s because the mainstream media in this country is largely comprised of left-wing hacks who view their jobs, first and foremost, as promoting liberalism, not reporting the news.
If you want yet more proof of that, look at his blockbuster story [...]

Know What’s Awesome? Being Unemployed!

Seriously, that’s the theme of this blog post at Fox News,
A growing group of jobless across the nation are joining a self-proclaimed movement: ‘funemployment.’ It’s a group of jovial unemployed who say they’re finally doing what they’ve always wanted to do – whether it is blogging or starting a nonprofit.
Christy Annis knows this all too well. [...]

Our Cowboy President Is Making The World Hate Us

Remember when liberals were saying that they looked forward to having a President in office who would help rebuild America’s reputation around the world? It wasn’t all that long ago was it? And of course, they immediately declared that Obama had done exactly that by bowing to everyone in site, trashing America overseas, pandering to [...]

Interviewing Victor Davis Hanson On History And War

Victor Davis Hanson is an extraordinary writer with an encyclopedic knowledge of historical warfare. His columns are magnificent and his books are even better. So, I was pleased to have an opportunity to interview him about his newest book, The Father of Us All: War and History, Ancient and Modern .
What follows is a slightly edited [...]

The Obama White House Plays Their Ultimate Weapon Against Al-Qaeda: The Race Card

One of the more bizarre tics of liberal thinking on foreign policy is that they believe everyone in the world is basically just like us. They believe they have roughly the same hopes, dreams, concerns and way of looking at the world. So, since they believe they think the way we do, they seem to [...]

Who’s Afraid of Jesse Jackson?

One of the fascinating things about Jesse Jackson is that there’s a complete mismatch between the level of holy terror he generates in politicians & corporations and the actual amount of real world influence he has.
The myth of Jesse Jackson says he’s a black American leader and if he’s not happy, tens of millions [...]

Top 30 Tweets for June

* My corollary to Godwin’s Law: “At some point or another, every single person on the internet will be called a Nazi.”
* People too often tend to ascribe evil motives to acts better explained by carelessness, stupidity, and thoughtlessness.
* Americans say they want bipartisanship in DC. But, what they reward is brutal partisanship mixed w/ [...]

Interviewing Andrew McCarthy About Radical Islam

National Review’s Andrew McCarthy is more familiar with radical Islam than your average person. He had to be. He was the lead attorney on the team that prosecuted Omar Abdel Rahman, the “Blind Sheikh,” way back in 1995.
McCarthy and I got together to talk about his new book, “The Grand Jihad: How Islam and the Left [...]

Talking About Rush Limbaugh’s Personal Life With Zev Chafets

Zev Chafets is the author of Rush Limbaugh: An Army of One. Chafets wrote the book with Limbaugh’s cooperation and it gave him a fascinating window into Limbaugh’s world. So, as someone who has been a Rush fan since college, I was really looking forward to talking to Chafets.
What follows is a slightly edited version [...]