Greenhouse Gases Aren’t Going To Be A Problem For Centuries Say Scientists From NASA…Wait, What?

You’ve heard the same arguments many times over, haven’t you? Conservative: I’m pretty skeptical of global warming. Global Warming Alarmist: YOU HATE SCIENCE! POLAR BEARS WILL DIE BECAUSE OF YOU! Conservative: Okay, give me some scientific evidence that proves global warming is occurring? Global Warming Alarmist: There’s a scientific consensus it’s occurring! Conservative: “Scientific consensus” [...]

Sarah Palin Drives Aaron Sorkin Out Of His Ever-Loving Mind

Maybe this is a little perverse — but I can’t help but admire Sarah Palin’s ability to drive liberals ABSOLUTELY INSANE just by living her life. Imagine if you will, being Sarah Palin. She goes hunting, like millions of other Americans do — like John Kerry did at least once, when he was running for [...]

The Daily Kos Reaction To Obama Cutting A Deal On Taxes

This may shock some of you, but liberals are….unhappy. I know, I know. It’s stunning. How can it be that such cheerful, contented people have been so sour for…what is it now, like 600-700 straight days? Of course, in all fairness, they do have a reason to be upset: Barack Obama has lied to them [...]

If Only Some Of You Would Die In A Terrorist Attack, It Might Help Barack Obama…

Is that headline a bit of exaggeration? Yes. Mark Halperin didn’t go quite that far, but that’s the general thrust of his argument, What Obama really needs, Halperin says, is a stroke of good luck. “Busy as he’s been, he has not yet experienced a single major moment that has benefited him politically,” Halperin writes. [...]

The Obama Administration’s Solution To The Wikileaks Problem: Gov’t Employees Can’t Look

The only thing worse than the Wikileaks spy disaster has been the Obama administration’s flaccid response to it. Julian Assange is doing everything he can to humiliate and damage the United States. So, what is the Obama administration doing about it? Has someone walked up to Assange, stuck a pistol in his mouth, and introduced [...]

You Can Take Your Civility Pledge And Shove it

Come to think of it, that headline’s not very civil, is it? My very, very sincere and civil apologies! Wonder if that would be good enough for Lanny Davis & Mark DeMoss? It’s only 32 words. Yet, only two sitting members of Congress or governors have signed the civility pledge. So what was it about [...]

The Southern Poverty Law Center Is A Non-Credible, Anti-Conservative Hate Group

The Southern Poverty Law Center used to be an organization that targeted hate groups. They let people know what these groups believed, catalogued their activities, and generally kept a watchful eye on them. Today, the Southern Poverty Law Center is an organization that targets conservatives and as a sideline, also dabbles in tracking hate groups. [...]

The Thomas Friedman Bubble

Thomas Friedman strikes me as a creepy guy. Keep in mind, we’re talking about man who openly admires China’s lack of democracy because he thinks it would make it easier to get things done. Clearly, Friedman is not the sort of person who can be trusted with power, which is why it’s probably a good [...]

Most Competent White House In History Falls Victim To Taliban Equivalent Of Nigerian Email Scam

Traditionally, the American people have cared very little about foreign policy. In part, that’s because they assume that the experts that are handling it know exactly what they’re doing. Tragically, this is all too often a completely erroneous assumption. If you want to see a story that illustrates that, well wow, you really couldn’t do [...]

It’s Fine For Women In Politics To Use Their Looks To Get Ahead

These days, every time a woman in politics gets recognized for her looks or dares to be even a little sexually provocative, the “how dare she” crew comes out of the woodwork. Ironically, given that the standard feminist line these days is that women should screw like promiscuous men and then whinge about “slut shaming” [...]