The 25 Best Ann Coulter Quotes About Liberals

25) Liberals seem to have hit upon a reverse Christ story as their belief system. He suffered and died for our sins; liberals make the rest of us suffer for sins we didn’t commit. Their claims of how awful ‘we’ are never seems to encompass themselves in the ‘we.’ Saying America is a racist nation [...]

Palin: I Could Beat Obama. But, Could She?

Asked (Barbara) Walters: “If you ran for president, could you beat Barack Obama?” “I believe so,” (Sarah) Palin said That’s the $24,000 question with Palin, isn’t it? If she were the nominee, could she beat Obama? Honestly, it’s impossible to answer that question — not just in regard to Palin, but in regard to whoever [...]

The Single Best Strip & Grope Suggestion EVER!

Rather than copying the best security procedures in the world, the ones used by Israel’s El Al, our own TSA has decided to go with a strip and grope approach. Either you get to let airport security look at you naked or they’re allowed to run their hands over you like it’s prom night at [...]

Obama Blames Himself for Tone in Washington? Well Yeah, He Should.

After spending two years encouraging Democrats not to work with Republicans, getting their wish, and then complaining about it, liberals are really going to hate Obama pretending to go back to his new tone flibbity-flabitty-floop from the campaign: Just 20 days after his inauguration, with Republicans trying to block his stimulus bill, President Obama refused [...]

A Conservative Misinterpretation Of The Laffer Curve

If you’re reading a blog like Right Wing News, you’ve probably heard of the Laffer Curve. If you haven’t, here’s the self-explanatory graph: Long story short, what Arthur Laffer is trying to get across is that contrary to what some people believe, tax increases DON’T ALWAYS increase revenue to the government and tax decreases DON’T [...]

An Open Letter To Republicans In Congress: Put An End To Strip And Grope Airport Searches

We have a system for detecting terrorists. You have a system for annoying people. — Attributed to ex-El Al security chief Dan Issacharoff Conservatives are committed to bettering the lives of the American people, but too often, we don’t start the process by asking, “What problems do people have today and how can we use [...]

Mitch McConnell’s Part Of The Problem In The Senate, Not Part Of The Solution

Does the Republican Party get it? Do they understand that business as usual isn’t good enough anymore? Do they realize that they have to start walking the talk now? Some of them do and some of them don’t. Unfortunately, some of the ones that don’t are in the GOP’s leadership in the Senate. One of [...]

Having A Stench Is The Hip New Trend!

Via my pal, Cara Ellison, I’ve learned that there’s a hot new sophisticated trend that’s apparently catching on to such an extent that even the New York Times has been forced to report on it. What’s this sassy new trend? Not taking showers: Defying a culture of clean that has prevailed at least since the [...]

Manners Matter: Don’t Excuse Your Child’s Bad Behavior In Public

Courtesy of Red Eye comes this seemingly minor story about flatulence, 11-year-old Christian Summers thinks playing video games is fun. According to his school bus driver, he also thinks passing gas is fun. She didn’t find his flatulence so funny. …For letting it rip on the ride home, Christian was slapped with an hour of [...]

The 20 Most Notorious Campaign Ads Of The 2010 Cycle

20) Sharron Angle (Lost): The Wave (Controversial illegal immigration ad) 19) Joe Manchin (Won) Dead Aim: (Manchin literally shoots a hole in the Cap and Trade bill) 18) Sean Duffy (Won): Get America Rolling Again! (Yes, I’m a lumberjack — really!) 17) John Hickenloper (Won): Shower (I take showers with my clothes on because I’m [...]