Jonathan Martin’s Crappy, Unsourced, Third Rate, Amateur Hour Hit Piece On Sarah Palin

Are you surprised that Sarah Palin’s busy? No? Then you’re apparently sharper than Jonathan Martin at the Politico, who wrote an extraordinarily mediocre hit piece on Sarah Palin that would never, in a hundred years, have seen the light of day had it been aimed at say, Barack Obama. First off, the allegations in it [...]

The Billboard That Steve Driehaus (D-Abortion) Doesn’t Want You To See

In what was one of the biggest sell-outs of recent memory, Bart Stupak’s pro-life faction in the Democratic Party signed on to a bill that federally funds abortions. Stupak himself had previously admitted that’s what it did, but of course, he changed his tune after he tossed millions of babies into an abattoir to please [...]

Latinos For Reform: Latinos Shouldn’t Vote?

So have you heard? There’s a group called Latinos for Reform urging Hispanic voters not to vote in Nevada because the Democrats lied about amnesty. Here’s a spot they’ve done: The Left is painting these guys as a bunch of Bushies trying to suppress the Latino vote — and they do have some strong Republican [...]

This Will Be The GOP’s Best Chance To Reach Black Americans For A Generation

That title runs directly counter to conventional wisdom, doesn’t it? After all, the Democrats just elected a black President who has a 90% approval rating with black Americans. Moreover, the false cries of racism are ever present these days. So how in the world could this be the GOP’s best chance in a generation to [...]

The Pamela Geller Interview

It has been great to see my friend Pamela Geller from Atlas Shrugs starting to gain more national prominence. She’s a got a new book out, The Post-American Presidency: The Obama Administration’s War on America, she’s been the point person on the Ground Zero Mosque right from the get-go, and she’s even made enough of [...]

Science vs. Scientific Consensus On Global Warming

Over at the New York Times, Ross Douthat, who’s a true believer in global warming, wrote a surprisingly intriguing piece called, “Why Don’t Republicans Believe in Climate Change?” The reason I say, “surprisingly intriguing” is because most pieces of the sort that Douthat’s writing are tedious, insult laden borefests. Pieces like that are so common [...]

The David Frum/Alex Knepper vs. NewsReal Child Sex Fight – Exclusive: Alex Knepper Comments

The beginning of the David Frum/Alex Knepper vs. NewsReal child sex fight in a nutshell: Alex Knepper is a young blogger who has written for a number of different conservative blogs including Newsreal, The Daily Caller, Newsbusters, and Frum Forum. Knepper wrote some pieces for Newsreal that they found objectionable, primarily because they believed Knepper seemed to be showing an [...]

The Network Neutrality Issue In A Nutshell

Network Neutrality is an extraordinarily complex subject. Even explaining it in a way that people can understand is difficult to do. That problem is compounded by the fact that a lot of what you read about net neutrality is just plain old wrong. Perhaps worse yet, given the complexity involved, the government is looking to [...]

The P.J. O’Rourke Interview

P.J. O’Rourke is not only knowledgable, he’s one of the best writers the Right has ever produced. Additionally, he’s the single best foreign affairs reporter I’ve ever read. Nobody makes another country come alive like P.J. O’Rourke. I can also tell you from personal experience that P.J.’s new book Don’t Vote It Just Encourages the [...]

Polling Conservative Bloggers On Their Preferred Presidential Candidates For 2012

Right Wing News polled more than 250 right-of-center bloggers on which candidate they’d support if the 2012 Republican primaries were today. The following 72 bloggers responded: 101 Dead Armadillos, Ace of Spades HQ, Alexa Shrugged, All That Is Necessary, The American Princess, And Rightly So, The Anchoress, Argghhhh!, Bad Example, Basil’s Blog, Blonde Sagacity, Betsy’s [...]