The Best Quotes From P.J. O’Rourke’s “Don’t Vote, It Just Encourages The B@stards.”

I’m a big fan of P.J. O’Rourke’s writing, my interview with him should be out Monday, and I really enjoyed his new book, Don’t Vote, It Just Encourages The B@stards. Here are the best quotes from his book, which I would certainly recommend that you buy, Yet it was two consummate American politicians who supplied [...]

The Top 20 “Why I’m Voting Democrat” Tweets

Over at Twitter, a funny hashtag called #WhyImVotingDemocrat has sprung up. So, here are the top 20 reasons, “Why I’m voting Democrat,” courtesy of the conservatives on Twitter. 20) I really want to experience Greece, but I hate traveling — StickeeNotes 19) Because the GOP are Talibans. I don’t vote for Talibans or Sharks with [...]

What May Be My Single Biggest Complaint With The Mainstream Media

Over at the Daily Caller, Mark Judge has written an excellent column called, Why Americans hate journalists. Here’s an excerpt that captures the essence of how the MSM treats conservatives today, On October 3, 2010, exactly 31 years after Greenfield’s column, the Post ran an op-ed on Glenn Beck that was written by Dana Milbank. [...]

My Speech On Citizen Journalism For The 2010 Smart Girl Summit

My name is John Hawkins, I’ve been blogging since 2001 and blogging professionally since 2005. One of the things I’ve learned since then is that the sort of journalism independent conservatives do is, by necessity, different than you’re going to see in the mainstream media or even on the left side of the blogosphere. There [...]

Bob Beckel Is A Grotesque Pig, He Carries Water For Radical Islam, And Fox Should Fire Him

Even as liberals claim to be feminists, it’s impossible to miss that the most grotesque misogyny comes from the Left these days. Everything from “hate f*** lists,” to over-the-top sexist insults, to attacks on women’s families have become par for the course when Democrats are involved. If you want to see another all-too-typical example of [...]

So, Kos, If We’re The Taliban, Why Aren’t You Kissing Our Behinds?

Most of the time, liberals don’t believe the BS that comes out of their mouths. Take Kos, for example, who’s such a pretentious creep that I’m told even other liberal bloggers can’t stand him. He’s got out a new book called, American Taliban: How War, Sex, Sin, and Power Bind Jihadists and the Radical Right. [...]

The Classy Left’s Newest Idea: Masturbate to Christine O’Donnell Day

One of the many weird oddities in the freakshow that we call American politics is that gross sexism is considered mainstream on the Left, yet they incessantly accuse conservatives of being the sexists. Who celebrates Sarah Palin porno movies? Liberals. Which blogs high five over Ann Coulter porno fan fiction? The liberal ones. It’s also [...]

A Two Step Process That Would Do More To Alleviate Poverty Than The Entire “War On Poverty.”

“You will always have the poor among you.” — Mark 14:7 What a waste of time and money this will turn out to be. Obama unveiled a new “big hearted” but “hard headed” US aid policy to push the poorest countries toward prosperity. UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon launched a 40 billion dollar drive to save [...]

Shorter Bob Woodward: Obama Is Guided By Politics In Afghanistan, Doesn’t Listen To Generals, & Doesn’t Care About Winning

Libs should be flattered that conservatives are so ferocious these days. After all, we’re just imitating what they did in the Bush years. When it came out that Bob Woodward was doing an Obama book, there was one thing people wondered about: Would he let people know what was really going on or sugarcoat everything [...]

It’s Moronic For Conservatives To Call For A “Truce” On Social Issues

First it was Mitch Daniels who was out in public saying we need a “truce” on moral issues. This was an extraordinarily dumb thing for a man who wants to be President to say because many people, myself included, stuck him in the “I don’t know whom I’m supporting in 2012, but it won’t be [...]