An Interview With David Limbaugh About His #1 Best Selling Book “Crimes Against Liberty: An Indictment of President Barack Obama”

Last week David Limbaugh and I discussed his new book Crimes Against Liberty: An Indictment of President Barack Obama. This week? The interview is live and the timing is fantastic because Limbaugh’s book has hit #1 on the New York Times Bestseller list. What follows is a slightly edited transcript of our conversation. Enjoy! First question, in [...]

My Fave 25 140 Character Thoughts For August

* Sarah Palin blasted Lisa “RINO” Murkowski’s political career like it was a wolf running from her helicopter & I love it * Some day, when I have a less demanding job, I look forward to taking as many vacations as Obama. * Women get their nails done and get zillions of shoes for other [...]

Simple Questions: If Tea Parties Are Racist Because The People Attending Are Mostly White …

* Are newsrooms racist because they’re mostly white? * Is Kos’ Netroots Nation racist because it’s mostly white? * Are the Senate Democrats racist because their caucus is mostly white? * If the crowd at an opera is mostly white, does that make it racist? * How about a rap concert? Is Jay-Z a racist [...]

Barack Obama: Smearing America Worldwide

Apparently having an honest bone in your body, a slice of human decency, or an ounce of shame are disqualifiers if you want a job at the White House. Just look at the sickening, anti-American toadying they’re engaged in now Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer demanded Friday that a reference to the state’s controversial immigration law be [...]

Joe Biden Exemplifies The So-Called Liberal Attitude Towards Science

Liberals don’t actually care about science. Let me repeat that: Liberals don’t actually care about science. What they care about is using science as a political bludgeon, Vice President Joe Biden praised the National Institutes of Health Tuesday, despite the agency’s record spending of tax dollars to study such topics as teaching Chinese meditation techniques to [...]

The Enquirer: Michelle Is Angry At Barack For Going On A Date With Oprah

Although I’ve been working the Tabloid beat on and off for years, I’ve gotten away from it a bit over the last few months. Still, sometimes there’s a story that’s just so compelling, it just drags you back in. This story, on the front of the Enquirer, is a great example of what I mean… [...]

The 10 Beliefs Every Moderate Muslim In America Should Hold

The words “moderate Muslim” get tossed around quite a bit these days, but you seldom hear people define exactly what they mean by the term. So, I decided to take a crack at it with some clearly definable standards. In my book, a moderate Muslim is a Muslim who… 1) Opposes terrorist attacks on Americans [...]

Why Right Wing News Is Sponsoring Homocon

Last week, after the announcement that RWN is sponsoring Homocon, people started asking me why RWN chose to promote that event. After all, I’m against gays in the military, I’m a strong supporter of Prop 8, and I’m very much in favor of a Federal Marriage Amendment. So, why back a gay group that doesn’t agree with me [...]

Howard Dean & The Left’s Ground Zero Mosque Hate Fixation

Since Barack Obama was elected, the Left’s default reaction to any disagreement has been to scream “bigot,” “hatemonger,” and “racist” as loud as they can. In that sense, their reaction to the national outrage that has occurred over a celebratory mosque being built at Ground Zero has been entirely normal. They scream “bigot” first and [...]

10 Young Right-Wingers Being Prepped to Take Over the Conservative Movement (Featuring John Hawkins)

May I take a moment to brag? It’s my blog; so of course I may! While I never seem to win any awards at these conservative events, the lefties at Alternet have apparently caught a particularly strong whiff of evil in my vicinity, because they’ve put me on their list of 10 Young Right-Wingers Being [...]