More Help From The Nanny State: Your Minutes Are High, Your Toilet Paper Supply Is Low.

In the latest effort to save ourselves from, well, us, our friends at Care2 have posted a nifty little petition you can sign if you are fed up with your cell phone minutes running out because you are too stupid or lazy to figure it out on your own.

The Psychotic World-View of Care2: Save The Animals, Scrape Those Unwanted Fetuses

It must have been the cute puppies. I mean, everyone knows that women are suckers for the big round eyes of a baby animal – it must bring out some kind of hard-wired maternal chemical that men don’t possess in any kind of quantity. Why else would a very Conservative lady friend of mine send [...]

Take it From Someone Who Knows: Abusive Debt Collection Practices DO NOT Work!

A couple of  times a year for as long as I’ve been in the collection business (that’s two decades, partner), an exposé is done by ABC News or Dateline NBC or some other media outlet detailing the nasty, back-alley techniques used by bill collectors to extract the funds from poor saps who are just trying [...]

Yusuf Islam’s Greatest “Hit”: Riding The Peace Train And the Fatwa Against Salman Rushdie

The absolute, club-footed idiocy of asking Yusuf Islam (aka Cat Stevens) to perform “Peace Train” at the Jon Stewart/Stephen Colbert “Rally to Restore Sanity” has been well-remarked upon. You can only shake your head and cackle in disbelief. It’s the perfect poison Halloween treat. James Hudnall at Big Hollywood: “And to show how inclusive they [...]

“Jihad in The Backyard of The Nation’s Capital”

Everyone knows that Islam is a sublime and gentle religion. Right? I mean, to think that a Saudi religious academy in Fairfax County, Virginia (of all places!) might be a haven for intolerance and possibly even violent exhortations to its young believers is simply too shocking to bear! Yet the evidence seems to be there, [...]

Here’s What’s Wrong With America: Not Enough Taxpayer-Funded Urban Fishing Opportunities

Gawd, fishin’ sure is fun! Sittin’ out in the boat with a buddy or two, talkin’ smack, crackin’ open some cold ones…what is really better than that? Besides, casting for Crappies is in many ways an act of pure patriotism – citizens bankrolling Government, if you will. Think of the tax revenues just a couple [...]

The President to His Staff: “Situation Untenable, Cut Defense Spending”

From the The Heritage Foundation’s Morning Bell newsletter of October 5th, 2010: “Yesterday afternoon, President Barack Obama told his Economic Recovery Advisory Board: ‘I realize that we are facing an untenable fiscal situation. What I won’t do is cut back on investments like education.’ Meanwhile what our Commander in Chief is very willing to cut [...]

The Latest Greatest AZ Lawsuit: Federales Versus the Citizens of Maricopa County

There are lots of targets on Arizona’s back these days. And no shortage of archers itching for a shot at the bullseye. Everyone knows about SB1070 and the beating it took at the hands of judge Susan Bolton; and of course there’s the recent inclusion of the law into a human rights report from the [...]

From the Frenetic and Overheated Mind of A “Typical” Adolescent: Nick Nampion’s Top 10 Fun Videos (1)

This post will automatically beg the question: Why would anyone care what some 14-year-old kid likes in the realm of comedy and music videos? Do we really want to view his top-10 lineup? Aren’t there more important things to waste our time with? Well, I would posit that it’s good to at least know what [...]

When Discussing Violent Religious Persecution in Sudan, NEVER Say “Islam”

Not having had a chance to read NewsReal yesterday until the evening (that pesky income producing job keeps getting in the way), but belatedly armed with an “Islamic” post that I was planning on submitting for review, it was interesting to see – in three prior posts from the same day – how tentative (and [...]