The Arizona “Repugnant”: Spineless Water-Carrier for the Left in the Immigration Wars

There’s a reason J.D. Hayworth calls it the Arizona Repugnant, and he’s not alone. Many residents of the Grand Canyon State find the Arizona Republic to be little more than the unofficial house organ of the State’s Democratic Party, and have taken to ignoring it in ever-increasing numbers.
Which hasn’t affected the paper’s mission to change [...]

This is What’s Awaiting America if our Socialist “Genius-in-Chief” Gets His Way

In the European Socialist order of things, “austerity” doesn’t have a whole lot to do with cutting waste. If you are short on funds and want to improve your solvency and your ability to do business world-wide, you…
Raise taxes!
In the article “France and Spain Act to Rein In Budgets“ that appeared in the New York Times June [...]

Why Would David Swindle (or any Conservative) be Pro-Choice?

Having read both Calvin Freiburger’s excellent piece on Abortion (Leftists: Being Pro-Life is Selfish, Good People Endorse Murder), and David Swindle’s response (Murder? Having Your Cake and Eating it Too on Abortion Rhetoric), I can only say that we are getting caught up in semantics when the real issue is what legal protections we should [...]

Baseball or Cricket, U.S. or South Africa: The Lawyers are the Same

It is easy to feel a moment of anxiety or psychological disconnect while reading Sports Illustrated South Africa: The sylvan pastures of baseball are nowhere to be found; instead you have grown men dressed like really fashionable jockeys whacking balls at croquet hoops. And what’s the deal with the bat, anyway? Did they forget to [...]

The President Campaigns – And Republicans Widen Their Lead

Robert P. Kirchhoefer isn’t being a turncoat when he writes that President Obama’s “Save the Senate” tour (going on this week in Nevada and Colorado) is something he can truly
“…get behind.”
After all, as Kirchhoefer’s February 16th AmSpecBlog post illustrates (with background from Joseph Curl’s same-day article in the Washington Times), our Feckless Leader is doing [...]

The American Spectator: Helping Guys Like Me With The Ladies Since 1924

Not many guys are as lucky as me: After a 17-year absence from the dating world, who woulda thunk that I would be lucky enough to meet, and then actually date, a very smart, sassy and sexy librarian! I’m still pinching myself…and in between the non-stop grin and the endless worrying over how I’m gonna [...]

Lawyer Roy’s Doin’ His Job: Abdulmutallab “Remains Silent”

OK, OK, I’m not always right, but in this case it was a no-brainer. Fortified by a complete and utter lack of morals and a nonexistent regard for the sufferings of others, Lawyer Roy is putting his entire, um, heart and soul into the defense of his new client, the doltish, malleable, and more than [...]

Chuck Colson Excoriates the U.S. Media For Ignoring Islamic Crimes Against Christians

When Charles “Chuck” Wendell Colson was serving as Special Counsel to President Nixon during the Watergate years, he will tell you that he was invaluable precisely

“…because I was willing…to be ruthless in getting things done.”

Colson serves a new master these days, and has since his conversion to Christianity in 1974. Although his much ballyhooed [...]

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Why The Left Will Win

“WASHINGTON — Ten months after the Obama administration began pressing lenders to do more to prevent foreclosures, many struggling homeowners are holding up their end of the bargain but still find themselves rejected, and some are even having their homes sold out from under them without notice.”
This lead from a December 17th McClatchy Newspapers article [...]

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