Collector Conservatism, Part 1: Pushing The Left To Repay Its Debt To America

News Real’s Managing Editor, David Swindle, has asked me to do a series on how collecting debts for a living has contributed to my conservative outlook.
He did the same kind of work himself in his wayward youth, and he has written to me of how it changed him in ways he couldn’t have foreseen.
The collection [...]

Forsmark Got It Right – And It’s Not Just Olbermann

I was all set  to write about Sean Hannity’s Great American Panel segment of November 4th, where he discussed abortion with Ralph Reed, Steve Murphy, and (strangely) Alison Rosen, an entertainment writer.
Then I heard about the extermination in Texas.
Stay with me for a second on the Hannity telecast though, because the machinations of the Left all [...]

Uncle Bucky And The Global Warming Catastrophe

Although F. Swemson’s series on global warming (Lord Monckton Challenges Global Warming On Glenn Beck, Parts I and II) is pretty darn good, it is way too scholarly for this guy’s brain – I can’t organize or deduce anything that is even somewhat logical – it makes me want to drink heavily for at least 48 [...]

Note To Banks: Be Careful Whom You Crawl Into Bed With, He Might Just Become Your Pimp

Millions of consumers have found out the hard way that there is no such thing as a symbiotic relationship with a bank once you’re behind on your payments. The Financial Institution usually turns a deaf ear to the customer’s pleadings and simply rests on the contract: the interest rate gets jacked up, the late fees and over [...]

Bill O’Reilly the Collector Duns Barack Obama the Debtor

I am definitely not a writer, at least according to Mrs. Stiftuk, who taught my eighth grade English class. I am, however, a veteran of almost 19 years in the collection business, and when you “dun” someone you are making a legal demand for the moola.
On October 28th in his Talking Points Memo, Bill O’Reilly [...]