Communism’s Dirty Little Secret

Those of you who listen to bad music may already be familiar with the All-American Rejects and their hit song, “Dirty Little Secret”. What you may not realize, however, is that advocates of communism at the academic level have a dirty little secret of their own. But instead of at least having the decency to [...]

It’s like a scene out of the movies: The left often fails to acknowledge the source of innovation

After having watched the movie Inception last night, I can honestly say: It was every bit as fantastic as I expected. Without spoiling too much — I doubt I’m revealing any more than the trailer does — a device was invented that allows for people to create and enter dreams together. Other than implying that [...]

In Christian Legal Society v. Martinez, Left rules against itself

In Die Another Day – skip the rest of this sentence if you don’t want to me to spoil a rather obvious plot point (it is a Bond movie, after all) – Miranda Frost, after helping Mr. James Bond initially, betrays him to the surprise of everyone and ends up hurting Her Majesty’s loyal servant. [...]