Open Thread: A Picture of Words is worth…

How on earth did Democracy Now end up grouped in search results with these folks? Hmmm (tapping my chin with index finger), I do wonder…

NPR Helps Set Stage for Health Care Rationing

This week, as we near the controversial health care debate to take place tomorrow in Congress, National Public Radio aired stories on two controversial studies that put forth new guidelines reducing screening recommendations for two forms of cancer frequently diagnosed in women.
They were just the two latest reports, in a series of stories aired over the past [...]

NewsFlash: Oprah Ending Show in 2011

After 23 years on television, Harpo spokesman Don Halcombe announced today that The Oprah Winfrey Show will air its final episode on Sept. 9, 2011. 
Oprah, a television icon of unparalleled status, plans to make the announcement on tomorrow’s show to her 42 million weekly viewers in the United States, and millions more in the 145 other countries in which [...]

Joe Biden’s “Big Tent” Theory


Apparently nothing is getting done in Congress because Democrats pitch a bigger tent than Republicans.
“The good news about a big tent is a lot of people can get under it,” explains Vice President Joe Biden. ”The bad news is, the bigger the family, the harder [it is] to get agreement.”
That was  the Veep’s excuse for the lack of progress [...]

9/11 Trial Is No Time for Journalistic Activism

Monday night’s episode of The Daily Show raised an important issue, as only Jon Stewart could – replaying moments from the ridiculous media frenzies surrounding high-profile trials in this country, as a prelude to the upcoming trial in New York City of the 9/11 terrorists.
When the 9/11 trial does begin, no one will be laughing. We [...]

Militias in America: Patriots or Extremists?

CNN recently aired a segment on the upsurge of so-called militias across the United States, focusing specifically on the Southeast Michigan Volunteer Militia, as they “practice target acquisition” with high-powered semi-automatic rifles, run drills and practice first aid.

This Michigan militia is one of hundreds of such groups across the country, and that number is growing. [...]

Goldman Sachs CEO “Doing God’s Work”

FOR easy joke, just add one part reference to male anatomy.
A few nights ago, talking about Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein, Stephen Colbert tried that recipe when he remarked that Blankfein “showed true Goldman Sac[h]” after the top-earning CEO told a newspaper he is “doing God’s work.”
“I have always believed that bankers are God’s representatives on [...]

Mini Mike and the New

Almost two weeks ago, the GOP and its embattled pitch man Michael Steele unveiled a sleek new website for the Republican National Committee – – complete with a Mini Mike casually strolling across your monitor, waving his arms and touting the high-tech, interactive features of the site and promising, in his charismatic tone and [...]

Justice Dept Says Without Party Labels on Ballots, Blacks Won’t Know Who to Vote For

Justice may be blind to race, but the U.S. Justice Department is not. Eric Holder’s DOJ recently issued a decision that delivers an unmistakably racist message – skin color determines voter turnout, and voter intelligence.
The facts of the scenario playing out in the small city of Kinston, North Carolina – and the inner circles of [...]

Attacking Freedom of the Press – A Slow Ride to Socialism?

Cartoon depicting a decree enforced Sept. 27 by Honduras coup “president” Roberto Micheletti suspending constitutional rights of free speech and press, among other rights. (Courtesy NarcoNews)
RANKING members of the Obama Administration have publicly denounced and derided what they see as a major threat to their agenda – FOX News. This ongoing battle between the White House [...]