Larry King’s Dictator Trilogy – Part I: The Malignant Narcissism of Hugo Chavez


By Karen Northon

In Hollywood, it all comes down to how well you can deliver a line, which is perhaps why so many in the land of make-believe adore the dictatorial drama queen Hugo Chavez. The whole world truly is a stage. The man is a compelling orator to those whose ideological cataracts prevent them [...]

Candidates Corner: From WWE to GOP

Linda McMahon
Republican, U.S. Senator for Connecticut
Prepare yourself for an endless stream of repetitive, sophomoric wrestling metaphors and jokes – many including the phrases “off the top rope” and “into the ring,” some references to a Senate SmackDown, maybe even a few suggestions on how best to incorporate the metal folding chair into political maneuvering.
Former World Wrestling Entertainment CEO Linda [...]