Imam Rauf on CNN: Moving The Mosque Could Get Us Killed

Imam Rauf on Larry King Live says moving the mosque will embolden radicals, and threaten our security. More reason to oppose it.

Imam Rauf and Quran Burner Terry Jones: Dumb and Dumber

Imam Rauf and Quran burner,Terry Jones, are both idealogues who are deaf to the sensitivities of Americans.

Is Pat Tillman Film Just Left Wing Propaganda?

The Tillman family appears in the film about their son Patrick’s tragic death by friendly fire, and the military’s cover up of the incident. Is the film just another left wing propaganda tool?

Chris Matthews: Who Stole America?

Chris Matthews wants to know who stole America, and why Glenn Beck wants to get it back.

Are Mosque Protesters “Fraidy-Cats,” Or Just Not Gullible Anymore?

Left wing journalists mis-read the mood of the people regarding a mosque near ground zero.

Mayor Bloomberg’s Tearful Mosque Speech: Thanks For Not Screwing Up My Saudi Investment Strategy

Mayor Bloomberg gets to keep his Saudi bonafides by getting the mosque built.

Raheel Raza on O’Reilly Factor Rejects Mosque At Ground Zero

Canadian Muslim,Raheel Raza, speaks out against Ground Zero Mosque.

CAIR and Mosque-ites, Just Don’t Get It

CAIR refuses to acknowledge that building a mosque near Ground Zero shows a lack of respect for Americans.

Who Does The Left Hate More Than Breitbart and Fox?

The left won’t tolerate black conservatives running for office. Just ask Cedra Crenshaw of Illinois.

Janeane Garofalo and the Journolist Gang

Janeane Garofalo started the race baiting in 2009 against the Tea Party. Maybe she was on the email list of the Journolist gang.