‘The police are there to preserve disorder’: Obligatory post on Toronto’s G20 riot

I have a GenXer’s short attention span, so please forgive me if, even though I actually live in the 416, I’m already sick of our local riot.
Luckily, I’m out at the westerly end of the subway line, so the closest I got to the burning police cars, smashed windows and hundreds of arrests was watching [...]

HonestReporting Canada Exposes Faux-tilla Faux-tography

By now you’ve heard of the latest instance of Reuters’ anti-Israeli photo manipulation:
Reuters was recently exposed for unfairly cropping images of beaten and bloodied Israeli naval commandos, along with the very weaponry that was wielded by the extremists aboard the Mavi Marmara ship. Following a public outcry over what was perceived as a blatant manipulation [...]

So did 1960s feminists burn their bras or not?

As Ronald Reagan once graciously observed:
The trouble with our liberal friends is not that they are ignorant, but that they know so much that isn’t so.
Compound that with liberal media bias, and the result is that millions of citizens cling to versions of history based upon romantic, self-aggrandizing myth-making or outright lies. The examples are [...]

Canada’s largest paper: honor killings just part of colo(u)rful multicultural tapestry (you ignorant racists!)

This week in Toronto, Aqsa Parvez’s father and brother were convicted of the 2007 “honor killing” of the Muslim teen who wanted to live freely in an allegedly free country. (Don’t get me started.)
Not surprisingly, the Toronto Star — the nation’s largest circulation daily for some reason — is still making excuses for this brutal [...]

‘Nobody can ever question the quality of what we do here in Canada, creatively or otherwise’

I’ve told you before about how tetchy Canada’s “public” broadcaster, the CBC, gets when they’re criticized.
Lately, they’ve been feeling the pressure more than usual. First came the announcement that a new network may soon be giving them a run for the ratings. Sun TV News (popularly dubbed “Fox North”, but with no connection to the [...]

‘The Road to Serfdom’ NOT about how Malibu Barbie gets to the beach

So a Newsweek writer admits she didn’t read past page 10 of Glenn Beck’s new novel The Overton Window, but that didn’t stop her from bloviating not just about that book, but also about another book with a Beck connection.
And boy, does she screw up.
Isia Jasiewicz (who Robert Stacy McCain identifies as an “intern” [...]

Will the ADL Apologize to Rush Limbaugh?

Rush Limbaugh likes to joke that he is “documented to be almost always right, 98.8 percent of the time.” And whenever his political predictions prove accurate, listeners know what to expect: his baritone voice lowers even further as he intones, “You see, folks? DON’T… doubt me…”
Now: let’s travel back in time to January of this [...]

Eric Boehlert now walking around with big, nasty looking hand print on his face

When I first joined NewsReal, my beat was the George Soros Steno Pool otherwise known as Media Matters. My editor told me, however, that he’d understand if I had to bail after a while. After all, the hateful, biased, mendacious atmosphere at that self-proclaimed “media watchdog” is highly toxic.
I toughed it out for a surprisingly [...]

Beck comes to Harlem — and Zaitchik keeps Lying

You may recall our revelation that Alexander Zaitchik’s anti-Glenn Beck book, Common Nonsense, shamelessly misrepresents Beck’s views about the Tuskegee Experiment, painting Beck as an ignorant racist.
Zaitchik is still at it. Here’s his latest bit at the New York Observer:
In the four years since he moved to the area, there are two known instances of [...]

When you’ve lost Daniel Ellsberg…

Legend has it (and it’s wrong, by the way) that when “the most trusted man in America” denounced the Vietnam War on national television one night in 1968, President Johnson muttered, “If I’ve lost [Walter] Cronkite, I’ve lost the country.”
Since mainstream journalists are heavily invested in their self-image as brave “speaking-truth-to-power” types, it is no [...]