Greenpeace needs ‘to bring in more than $700,000 a day just to keep the lights on’

No report on whether or not those lights are the lousy curly bulbs environmentalists want to force the rest of us to use. And I’m surprised that Ezra Levant, who included that tidbit in an article about Greenpeace‘s latest adventures in extortion and law breaking, didn’t include a similar jab. (After all, he’s no slouch [...]

Does Anne Rice Hate Black People?

Sorry to channel Kanye West on you there. But I’m a bit confused about mega-selling vampire novelist Anne Rice’s announcement that she’s leaving the Catholic Church a couple of years after she re-joined.
Rice’s plaintive message to her fans read in part:
“I remain committed to Christ as always but not to being ‘Christian’ or to being [...]

What? No ‘Lonesome Roads’ references when they’d actually be appropriate?

When they aren’t comparing him to Howard Beale of Network, Media Matters (a.k.a. the George Soros Steno Pool) and other left-leaning pundits love calling Glenn Beck a real life Lonesome Roads.
Roads is the lead character of the recently revived film A Face in the Crowd (1957). Like Network, A Face in the Crowd is about [...]

Ayaan Hirsi Ali 2, CBC 0

People still talk about the time freedom fighter Ayaan Hirsi Ali crushed insufferable leftist TV host Avi Lewis on a Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) broadcast. In case you’ve forgotten (or just want to relive the thrill), here’s a taste:
Then Lewis asked Hirsi Ali for her “critique against Islam.” Ali, the epitome of poised, calmly responded [...]

Fake Islamic inventions + my tax dollars = crazy delicious

Last week, Alexander Levkovsky wrote about an exhibition at London’s Museum of Science celebrating “1001 inventions” from “the golden age of Islam.”
Levkovsky wrote:
Having some firsthand experience with frivolous handling of reality in the Islamic world (I have, after all, lived for eight years in Uzbekistan and five years in Israel), I immediately suspected that the [...]

‘In every corner of this world, your name is a household name’

The title of this post comes from one of Rush Limbaugh’s classic callers, a lightly-accented South Asian immigrant to the United States, thanking the talk radio guru for spreading the truth about free enterprise and American values.
It turns out that India — a nation so riddled with class & caste warfare, poverty, bureaucracy and tribalism, [...]

Shocker: Oliver Stone manipulates history in new film

Oliver Stone is basically Michael Moore on Slimfast (or maybe some other white powder.)
(Then again, given today’s revelations, maybe that should read “Mel Gibson without the Tourette’s…”)
When it comes to Stone’s on-again, off-again relationship with the facts, don’t get me started on JFK (no, seriously: don’t).
Now Stone has a new film out called South of [...]

British reporter’s anti-Palin Tea Party dispatch sounds frankly made up

In Evelyn Waugh’s 1938 comic novel Scoop, a foreign correspondent for the Daily Mail finds himself covering an African civil war that inconveniently declines to provide British reporters with much in the way of juicy (or, more accurately, bloody) stories. Undeterred, said British reporters simply make them up.
Which, of course, would never happen in real [...]

The other trouble with newspapers

“The world still has too many reporters” (*)

Newspapers are in the paper redistribution business, not the information business. And that, says Seth Godin, is their problem:
Defenders of the status quo at newspapers, book publishers and the magazine industry are in a panic. Some are even misguidedly asking for government regulation or a bailout.

All three [...]

Death wish redux: Rush Limbaugh responds to JournoList’s hate speech

Yesterday we told you about the JournoList member who joked about Rush Limbaugh’s recent cardiac scare, and yearned for the chance to watch him die before her eyes.
Rush Limbaugh has now responded to these revelations from the Daily Caller.
He told the Washington Examiner in part:
Funny thing….a number of my friends sent me the Daily Caller [...]