Obama Under Fire From a Left Stoned on Socialist Fantasies

When you’re too left-wing, capitalist-bashing and class-war-mongering for Barack Obama, you’re pushing the left-wing envelope.

Pennies From Heaven? Why the Government Fails at Playing Good Samaritan

“They need it.” That is becoming a well-nigh unanswerable argument in Washington today. Anytime programs are proposed that spend money on aid of some type, the final, clinching argument is usually to point to some individual or segment of society that is putatively in need, and whose need (it is implied) can only be met [...]

Why We’re Broke

As a rule, whenever things look bad for the retail industry overall, things tend to perk up for less expensive venues like secondhand stores and thrift stores. That is the situation now, according to Consumer Reports: [S]econdhand stores are getting in on the Black Friday selling-spree this year. Due to the Recession and general belt-tightening, [...]

He Who Touches My Junk, Gets Trashed

The latest outrages from the TSA, involving “naked X-rays” and “enhanced pat-downs” or body-groping, teach us once again an old lesson: if we allow tyrants to perpetrate one outrage on us without objecting, they will go on to even worse outrages. We all made the mistake of meekly enduring the idiotic screening procedures of the [...]

All Juan Williams did was Learn from Experience

In the aftermath of Juan William’s firing by NPR, it might be amusing to compare two quotes: Juan Williams said this (on “The O’Reilly Factor,” Fox News, Oct 18, 2010): [W]hen I get on the plane, I got to tell you, if I see people who are in Muslim garb and I think, you know, [...]

The Women of “The View” Construct a Strawman

To condemn Bill O’Reilly, Whoopie Goldberg and the rest of the “View” girls have to argue against a straw man.