Catholic Cardinal-Patriarch Sfeir Defends…Islam?

Why would a Catholic Cardinal consider it important to cast Islam in a positive light when his duty is to explain the clear-cut distinctions between Catholicism and other religions? Some say Cardinal Sfeir is “suffering” but not from persecution. Rather, he is “suffering” from an accute case of dhimmitude.

Vatican to America: ‘Social Justice’ is About Relationships, Not Socialism

“Social justice” is about “relationships,” not “socialism.” This clarification may very well be the catalyst to set the Catholic Church in America back on course with authentic Catholic teaching on issues involving massive government entitlement programs and overreach.

Apologists for Islam?

Google these two words — catholic islam — and the #1 search result is a page from entitled “Islam: What Catholics Should Know.” Instead of telling readers what reasonable Catholics (like the Pope?) understand to be true — that Islam is a violent political system married to a religion — the site paints quite a rosy picture.

British Muslim Child Exploitation Brushed Off by Leading Investigator

In the aftermath of the arrest of a gang of Pakistani Muslim sexual predators in Britain, a serious debate has erupted along cultural lines. The question? Should British investigators take seriously what some call an emerging trend in Britain of “Pakistani” men engaging in “on-street” grooming and sexual exploitation of young white girls?

Top 5 Lies of the Pro-Abortion Left

Safe in the Womb?

Top 5 Lies of the Pro-Abortion Left

Safe in the Womb?

NY Times: ‘Islam’ is Bells, Music, Dancing, Free Food

Do you love rose petals and music? Dancing with bells on your feet? How about free food? If you enjoy all these things and were reading the NYT yesterday, you may have been surprised to find out that you’re actually a Sufi Muslim.

WaPo Headlines “Christian Anger in Egypt”

Robert Spencer: “An Islamic jihad-martyrdom suicide bomber murdered twenty-two people and wounded eighty more at the Coptic Christian Church of the Saints in Alexandria, Egypt on New Year’s Eve.”

“Self-Determination” is a Muslim “Sin”

When southern Sudan votes for freedom on January 9, freedom which can only be found in the defense of true human dignity, this tiny newborn nation will surely remain troubled by continuing threats of Islamic violence, disputes over oil and the daunting task of being recognized by the world community. The struggle for peace, freedom, and authentic justice by southern Sudan’s Christian and pagan population will have only just begun.

The New York Times Won’t Be Happy Until All Jews Hate Themselves

The New York Times then, wanting Jews to step back from supporting Israel as an inherently Jewish state, is essentially asking Jews to hate their own tradition. For if a Jew hates Israel, a Jew hates his own tradition and, therefore– himself. But don’t feel left out, my Jewish brothers and sisters. It’s not so much anti-Semitism, per se, as it is anti-tradition that guides the Jewish editors and writers at the New York Times to attack Israel.