Apologists for Islam

Google these two words — catholic islam — and the #1 search result is a page from entitled “Islam: What Catholics Should Know“. Instead of telling readers what reasonable Catholics (like the Pope?) understand to be true — that Islam is a violent political system married to a religion – the site paints quite a [...]

Your Excellency, Please Stop the Funding of Marxist Activity

As America has become polarized, it’s clear that a strong, unifying, Reagan-like leader is needed to pull us all back together. So it is also in America’s Roman Catholic Church as voices rise up on the Left and the Right in frustration while silent bishops seem content with blindly pretending that “things are going well.” [...]

CNN Vatican Reporter: Islam is “Driving the Train” of Vatican Interfaith Relations

As Pope Benedict XVI prepares his apostolic letter to the Middle East, CNN’s Vatican reporter John Allen claims that Israel should be thrown under the bus (or, more accurately, the “train”) and calls for the Vatican to “be a bridge builder with Shia.” Does Allen really believe the Islamist “train” is a Peace Train? John Allen, senior writer at National [...]

Perhaps Sarah Palin Does Need to Rephrase Her “Neanderthal” Comment

It’s been with great interest that I have read the discussion regarding “Mommy Wars” and Sarah Palin’s “Neanderthal” comment. I actually had not heard the “Neanderthal” remark until I read Suzanne Venker’s article “Are Neanderthals to Blame….” which linked to another article she wrote about Sarah Palin’s “Feminist Stripes.” As a Catholic mom, I know [...]

Is the Archdiocese of Cincinnati Experiencing a ‘Schism’ Over CCHD?

For Catholics in America, the annual Catholic Campaign for Human Development [CCHD] collection for “the poor” will occur this weekend despite complaints by pro-life Catholics that the funding often goes to groups that promote a leftist agenda. Defenders of CCHD are fighting back with denials and with claims that their detractors “lack charity.” Now in [...]

Media Matters Whitewashes George Soros’ Role in Confiscation of Jewish Property

Media Matters, a leftist media “watchdog” group heavily funded by multi-billionaire George Soros, is whitewashing Soros’ admitted role in the confiscation of Jewish property during the Holocaust while smearing Glenn Beck. One possible explanation for Soros’ lack of remorse is that he seems to embrace the same brand of “justice” that we find in the [...]

What I’m Learning from Robert Spencer’s Book ‘Religion of Peace?’

Thanks to my editor here at NewsRealBlog, Dave Swindle, and to the David Horowitz Freedom Center, for sending me a copy of Robert Spencer’s Religion of Peace?: Why Christianity Is and Islam Isn’t. (They also sent Radical Son: A Generational Odyssey, by David Horowitz, which I haven’t read yet but have given as a reading assignment to my teenage son.) [...]

Jesuit Priest at ‘America’ Promotes Dissolution of Jewish State

As the Islamic massacre of Catholics in Baghdad rips at the hearts of Catholics everywhere, and as the faithful are growing in their awareness that Islam is not a religion of peace, Jesuit Father Ray Schroth has taken time to write an appalling article at the leftist, ostensibly Catholic, America Magazine promoting the dissolution of the [...]

NewsReal Sunday: NYTimes Columnist Calls Cathedral of Córdoba “The Great Mosque”

Rachel Donadio, anti-papal conspiracy theorist, resident priest basher and Islamapologist for the New York Times, has turned her attention to the clash between Christians and Muslims in Córdoba over the Catholic Cathedral or, as Donadio calls it, “the great mosque of Córdoba”. As the New York Times engages openly in the practice of obscuring history in a manner [...]

Religious Left’s Jim Wallis Blames Obama for GOP Gains

After devastating election losses, big players within the Religious Left, including activist preacher and Democratic Party operative Jim Wallis, are  engaging in a public pity party and blame game. Who are they blaming? The Democratic Party and the White House! Ohhhh, the agony! They tried a half-million dollar misinformation campaign. They even tried to send Marjorie [...]