Rally Pits Pro-Life Tea Party Against Catholics United

NRB managing editor David Swindle recently wrote about a few of the common bonds of libertarians, neo-cons, objectivists and social conservatives and how they can join in Fighting Evil Together against the leftist agenda. He may have hit upon a dynamic that is already very much a reality if a recent protest in Charlottesville, VA, [...]

Top 5 Snakes in the Catholic Left’s Brood of Vipers

Since early July, I have been revealing to NRB readers the activities of some of my fellow Catholics who, with a good deal of help from their friends in the leftist media,  are working hard to advance an agenda that is actually opposed to authentic Catholicism. The intention of these leftist Catholics is to win [...]

The Magical Jesus of Soros and Pelosi

Nancy Pelosi loves Jesus. That’s great. Sadly, in Pelosi’s world Jesus is a “magical” Jesus. He’s like a rabbit you pull out of a hat whenever it serves your agenda. “Now you see Him! Now you don’t.”
Pelosi publicly stated earlier this year that she had a duty to pursue policies “in keeping with the values” [...]

National Catholic Reporter Hearts Barney Frank and Ron Paul

Anyone up for some Pride & Prejudice? No, I’m not referring to the Jane Austen novel or the hit film based on it. Whether you’re into “gay pride”, “white pride”, or even the so-called “Catholic peace” movement, you’re sure to love National Catholic Reporter’s spotlight on Barney Frank and Ron Paul with a little Pax [...]

The Big, Juicy Lies of Catholics for Choice

In Omaha, Nebraska, as Archbishop George Joseph Lucas is taking the lead in a protest against the opening of an abortion clinic in his community, Catholics for Choice (CFC) is offering up a poison apple to Planned Parenthood of the Heartland to encourage them in their activities by assuring them that they are not engaging in [...]

Catholic Bishops Cite Vatican II in Response to Charges of Marxism

On July 24, I wrote here at NRB about Bishop Olmsted and CCHD funding opposition to the Arizona Immigration Law and posted the link to the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) Facebook page. For four full days, while it remained on the page, this story prompted quite a lot of civil discussion and [...]

WaPo Gives Platform to Catholics United’s Abortion Disinformation

The Washington Post has now clearly joined the Soros-funded Catholics United disinformation campaign on abortion funding in ObamaCare as Chris Korzen, president of Catholics United has been given a guest spot in their religion column On Faith. Catholics United is known among the Catholic faithful for its consistent role in “muddying” the abortion issue in elections [...]

Transformative Justice and the Left; Why the TEA Party is “Racist”

Things were so much simpler in the old days. If a citizen was brutally murdered, those who were actually responsible for the act were sought out and brought to justice. The only points of debate were generally in regard to whether or not the accused were guilty. Today, though, there is a leftist “Justice League” [...]

Obama Kool-Aid Courtesy of America’s Catholic Bishops

As America is more polarized than ever, it’s important for her Catholic bishops to understand the role of the Catholic “social justice” movement and the Catholic Campaign for Human Development in getting us to this point, and what must be done to bring peace to America.

A Familiar Refrain.
Hope. Change. Yes We Can. Be the Change.
We’re all connected. We’re [...]

Bishop Olmsted and CCHD Funding Opposition to AZ Immigration Law

While a handful of Catholic bishops around the country are opting to cut back on support for the Catholic Campaign for Human Development (CCHD), none have yet cited concerns about funding for political organizing that stands in opposition to the conservative TEA Party movement. Funding for political organizing by the CCHD includes grants from the [...]