Sarah Palin Kicks the Leftist Ant Hill and Goes for Gaia’s Throat

Sarah Palin’s Alaska, which premiered Nov. 14 on TLC, has provoked snarls of cultural condescension, snarky pokes at her political beliefs, and general all-around hissing and spitting from an assortment of America’s Annointed against not just Palin herself, but against what they believe Sarah Palin Represents. The attacks began even before the show’s premier, and [...]

Look for the Union Label – but Not in New Zealand or Middle Earth

Like the prehistoric beasts of the 1993 science fiction thriller Jurassic Park, unionism, and especially the coerced and government protected “closed shop” unionism of the early to mid-twentieth century may some day be the subject of an intellectual zoological garden featuring representations of long extinct exotic ideologies such as socialism, communism, fascism, and the ever [...]

Birds of a Leftist Feather “Flock” With David Brooks to the Pop Culture

What happens when a conservative finds a place at the table among the Ruling Class? What happens when a conservative finds himself ensconced within a unique enclave of society, working as a pundit at the New York Times, is invited to parties and cultural events within the Manhattan and northeastern leftist cultural milieu, becomes a [...]

Hollywood Celebutards are Melting Down Faster Than the Arctic Peninsula

While Keanu Reeves’ version of the extraterrestrial Klaatu of the original Day the Earth Stood Still threatens to destroy the earth, not because of our incessant war making (as in the original), but because of our modern industrial economies and the pollution of the environment they cause, the fear of melting down grows in Hollywood, [...]

Mythbusters: A Few Things President Obama Might Want to Clarify After He’s Done With Archimedes

President Obama, fresh from his meticulously constructed townhall show of October 13 and his recent New Orleans townhall meeting meltdown, is scheduled for a segment of Discovery Channel’s Mythbusters. He will reportedly “bust” the myth that the ancient mathematician, inventor, and engineer Archimedes (c. 287 BC – c. 212 BC) destroyed an invading fleet of Roman warships using [...]

Night of the Living Culture Wars: These Aren’t Your Father’s Horror Movies

Only a few generations ago, both the science fiction and horror genre were, beyond a refreshing form of catharsis and escapism, among the most efficacious mediums for the telling of stories about the terrible questions of human existence and its core feature, the dramatic conflict between good and evil.  The protagonists/antagonist, hero/nemesis dramaturgy of tension, [...]