Arizona Tea Party Shoots Itself in the Foot By Inviting “Preacher” Who Calls for Death Penalty for “Sodomites”

Max Blumenthal takes advantage of a self-inflicted wound to smear conservatives.

Tea Party Foes Smell Blood, Shanghai Children Into Their Cause

This is about politics. In not even waiting until the bodies of the victims were cold to politicize the Arizona tragedy, the Left insisted that it must be. No depth is too low for these people.

The Arizona Shooting and the Death of the Wild, Wild West

The good must be allowed to arm themselves, because more often than not, evil will be armed. Try telling that to the New York Times editorial board.

It’s Aliiiiive! The ERA Has Risen!

The reason the Equal Rights Amendment failed once already is that we don’t need it. But since when has that stopped the Left from meddling with the Constitution?

Scandal on Capitol Hill: He’s Conservative! He’s Orange! And He Cries!

What grave danger to America is our Leftist media warning us about now? Why, John Boehner, of course. Our new Speaker of the House. He smokes! His skin is orange! And he cries!

Are Women in Sports “Sweet Babies?”

Are women welcome in the wide world of sports fandom? And if not, who’s keeping us out? “Why, men are!” shout the self-appointed standard-bearers of women’s rights.

Colonel Flagg Battles the Pink Fungus

Gays, Hispanics, women, blacks and other groups long kept as neutered pets of the Democratic-progressive establishment are beginning – slowly but surely – to learn that real conservatism is gender-blind, sexual orientation-blind, color-blind and ethnicity-blind.

Annie Got a Gun for Christmas

Gun stores saw a spike in sales this Christmas season. Has the surge brought in scores of militant rednecks? Actually, no. But women are buying guns in increasing numbers.

Some Pro-Lifers Make Strange Bedfellows

There’s an anti-abortion organization that has “surprised, confounded, confronted and enraged both pro-lifers and pro-choicers.” Unsurprisingly, it gets no attention from the mainstream media.

Battering Our Protectors: Domestic Violence Against Men

Gender neutrality is usually assigned to the province of leftist feminism.  Most conservatives seem to assume that it is always a bad thing, and that women always abuse the concept to gain an advantage over men.  But concerning at least one important issue, the reverse may be true.  It may be time for men to [...]