Obama and A Moronic Room with a View

I hate “The View.” I can’t think of anything that I’d like to watch less than a bunch of inane broads, prattling on about their va-jay-jays endlessly while pretending that they are oh so cool and hip. In fact, the entire premise of the show annoys me. “Oh look at us! 4 [...]

Cojone-less In Chief Strikes Again. Lockerbie Bomber’s ‘Compassionate’ Release Preferable To Obama

Last year when the Lockerbie terrorist, Abdul Baset Ali al-Megrahi, was released, freed to die with the compassion – a luxury that his innocent, murdered victims did not have -  I thought that I was as angry as I could ever be. I must admit that I was wrong. You see, it seems that the [...]

Charlie Rangel (D-NY), Epitome of the Most Ethical Congress Ever! Plus, Racism!

By most ethical Congress ever, I of course mean the total opposite. Much like the claims of the most transparent administration ever – in Obama-era Newspeak terms, you must just assume the opposite to be true. Charlie Rangel, after having been forced, kicking and screaming, to step down as Chairman of the House Ways and [...]

JournoList ‘Sick Puppies’ Planned Attacks on Sarah Palin; Systematic Femisogyny In Action

The most insidious form of media bias is deciding what to cover and, more importantly, what not to cover.  The revelations uncovered by The Daily Caller in regard to Journolist have been damning on that front. The latest involve Sarah Palin and while anyone with a speck of honesty already realized that the media has [...]

For The People, By The People: Renee Ellmers (NC-2)

From Lori Ziganto’s article at RedState:
Yesterday morning, I had the chance to speak with Renee Ellmers, who is running for Congress against Bob Etheridge (D-NC), he of man-handling those who dare to question him fame. Or, rather, infamy.  Etheridge is a clear-cut example of the arrogance of those firmly entrenched in Washington, [...]

Sarah Palin Rightly Rejects Ground Zero Mosque; Bloomberg and Aide Reject Her. And Sanity

On Sunday Sarah Palin, exhibiting common sense and courage of her convictions, called for a rejection of the planned mosque at Ground Zero. The planned mosque has been causing controversy, controversy that was easily foreseen by anyone with a brain and, you know, an ounce of true as opposed to feigned sensitivity. Apparently, this does [...]

Hollywood Indulging ‘Left Wing Fantasy’ in Upcoming Iron Lady Film? Thatcher Family Appalled

Hollywood, the place where so many have been paid so much for so little worth. Their lack of rational thought and honesty astounds even me sometimes, and I have very low expectations. Their latest delusional propaganda, in the form of an upcoming film about Margaret Thatcher entitled The Iron Lady, comes as no [...]

History is Hard. For Rep Sheila Jackson-Lee

Actually, not just history is hard for Congresswoman Jackson-Lee (D-TX). It appears as if thinking itself is rather difficult for her. After watching this, I couldn’t decide if I was wiping away tears of laughter or tears of dismay at the state of our alleged representatives in Congress. Via RedState:

Oh, my. Representative Sheila Jackson-Lee is [...]

Femisogynist Spirit: Rooting for Abortions on Prime Time Family TV

Last week, before the airing of an episode of Friday Night Lights on NBC, feminist sites were gleefully discussing the fact that a teen-age character was pregnant and contemplating an abortion. They were not only gleeful, but were actively and proudly rooting for her to have the abortion and for NBC to air the episode. [...]

Progress: Schools Teaching Your 10-Year-Old Child About Anal Sex

Funny, but I always thought that schools should focus on teaching our children subjects like reading, writing and math. Not so, evidently! That’s for fuddy-duddy, old school philistines. Nowadays, with those things called Progress and hopeandchange ™, our children are being taught about oral and anal sex and “fisting.” Often under the guise of abstinence [...]