Pregnancy Is a Disease and Progressives Have the Cure

Half of all pregnancies in the United States are still unplanned. Ever since radical feminists discarded the bourgeois notion of a maternal instinct they’ve been at a loss to understand why 50% of women still have trouble using  contraceptives. The 21st century researchers, with the help of a radical, pro-abortion administration, are working on the [...]

Under Obama, the United States Falls on the “Integrity” Index

Tuesday Americans will pass judgment on President Obama’s radical agenda. His name may not be on the ballot but their votes will be a referendum on his policies. When citizens go to the polls here’s one more tidbit for them to consider. Transparency International,(TI) a global, “politically non-partisan” network that rates countries according to a [...]

The Obamas Won’t Be Slumming in Mumbai

The 570 rooms of the Taj Mahal hotel in Mumbai, India will be just what the royal couple needs after the midterm elections. On November 6 the city will be in virtual lockdown according to the Daily Mail. The first couple has booked the entire place, and hundreds of additional rooms at nearby hotels. The Obamas [...]

A Murder in China and the Global War Against the Unborn

The murder of Xiao Aiying’s baby in southwest China this past week is just one of millions since the Communist country instituted its one-child policy in 1979.  Xiao, wife and mother, committed the unspeakable crime of wanting a second child. At eight months pregnant, she almost got away with it. Aiying’s husband gave this account [...]

Hide the Spuds: The Gastro-Fascists Are After the Potatoes

Seems Michelle Obama, stumping in Milwaukee for Russ Feingold last week, can stuff herself with french fries while WIC recipients and schoolchildren are being cut off from the tubers. From AP: Under an interim rule, the USDA agreed to bar WIC participants from buying potatoes, with their federal dollars. Potatoes are the only vegetables not allowed. Next [...]

Why Isn’t NOW More Like GLAAD?

In that mad, mixed-up world of diversity and political correctness, some groups are more offended than others. The National Organization for Women (NOW) could learn a thing or two from the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD). GLAAD slammed Vince Vaughan, an actor, for insulting a car, by calling it “gay” in his new [...]

Even Untouchable Valerie Is Feeling the PC Heat

“Lifestyle choice” is one of THE singularly most offensive terms to gays,”according to a commenter on Politico. A ‘”lifestyle choice is buying a loft style condo and shopping at Whole Foods and driving a Prius, NOT being gay!” On Wednesday one of the Left’s own uttered the highly charged, unpolitically correct “lifestyle choice” in reference [...]

All the World’s An MTV Stage for the Actor-in-Chief

The 250 young people chosen for the MTV town hall meeting on October 14 entitled “A Conversation with  President Obama” better not make their leader  “look bad.” The eternal campaigner needs the reality-TV crowd to hit the polls on November 2, save the Democratic Party and restore his image around the world.  Can a bunch [...]

Axelrod Targets Republican Campaign Spending: Does He Really Want to Go there After 2008?

The Obama administration turned its mini-Goebbels loose on Sunday only to be blindsided by one of their own. Lamestream media talking head, Bob Schieffer, dropped his jaw when Obama’s senior adviser David Axelrod accused Republicans of accepting foreign funds through the Chamber of Commerce. With barely three weeks left to go before the Democrats descend [...]

Michelle Obama, an Empty Power Suit? Not According to Forbes

Is Michelle Obama  proud of her country now that  she’s been named number one on the Forbes list of the most powerful women?  Or are we still a “downright mean country?” No doubt the patient-dumping, jet-setting  Queen from Chicago exhibited a forceful, commanding presence in her husband’s political ascendancy. Her questionable associations with  criminal Tony Rezko, Chicago slumlord Valerie Jarrett [...]