More Disturbing Images From the Left

A few days ago the ‘eco-warrior’ group 10:10 made headlines with the video of  non-compliant schoolchildren getting blown up by their sweet-talking teacher. In my previous post I mentioned a production company out of Sydney, Australia exploiting innocent children for their clients’ politically correct causes. Now ACT Responsible, Advertising Community Together, representing 27 countries and based in Switzerland, shows [...]

Progressive Ads Dead End Into Child Abuse

Young progressive ad makers these days are pushing the envelope, for what? Promoting their PC ideologies? Their naivete factor keeps them from realizing they are eating their own. By abusing children for their ads, they have crossed a credibility line over which they no longer have control. The latest PSA from 10:10 Global, provides the smoking gun [...]

The President Needs a Break and So Do the American People

Speaking at a $30,400 per person Democratic fundraiser on Thursday, President Obama joked that he would love another vacation, preferably in Italy at the villa of his millionaire hosts, Linda Douglass and husband John Phillips. I’d appreciate a little break and some Tuscan sun. Within hours of that statement, the blank screen headed to Constitution [...]

The Clash of the Entitlement Programs

House Democrats don’t want to be thrown out of their cushy little jobs by their  food stamp-receiving constituents so they  played it smart this week. They refused to “rob Peter to pay Paul” for Queen Michelle’s anti-fat campaign. Michelle Obama wanted $4.5 billion to provide more nutritional school lunches for the nation’s students. $2.2 billion [...]

The One Freedom Big Government Progressives Won’t Touch

No one ever pretended that leftists use a right and wrong kind of logic. So it stands to reason that they would craft a system that legalizes the killing of unborn babies under the banner of individual rights. While in Albuquerque, New Mexico on September 28, Barack Obama reiterated the Clinton era talking point when [...]

Gone Too Far: Obama Blames His Loyal Followers

We need to re-examine Obama’s narcissism. Is he crossing the line into total disassociation from reality? As top insider Democrats Rahm Emanuel and David Axelrod, (25 pounds lighter from the Obama stress diet) head back to the radicals’ womb, Chicago, the president blames the coming November tsunami on regular, ‘lethargic’ and ‘apathetic’ voters. In other [...]

Kerry and Stone Still Playing the Stupid Card: How Stupid is That?

My sister, an attorney, gave me some great advice when we were growing up. When I came home from school one day crying that another student called me a name, she said, “Do you respect this kid?” I said, “No, she’s a bully and she’s mean.” She replied, “then whatever she said is a compliment.” [...]

Mama-Michelle Sends International Guests Home With Vegetables

When President Obama gave Queen Elizabeth an iPod containing his own speeches, and then  followed  with a box set of American Classic movies to Gordon Brown in April, 2009, we sincerely thought that the egotistical Obamas’ penchant for giving tasteless tokens couldn’t get much worse. Well, at least Brown and the Queen had no trouble [...]

Obama Summons His Disciples to Go Out and Preach Obamacare

The Health and Human Services Center for Faith-Based and Community Partnerships arranged a conference call between the President and clergy from all faiths. The One directed his apostles to “get out there and spread the word.” Thousands of clergy members and related organizations listened as Obama called on them to sell the snake-oil oozing from the 2500- page health [...]

Back to School: Larry Summers Gets No Respect

The president’s playhouse at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue must be a fun place with officials coming and going at all hours of the day and night. The latest to follow green jobs czar communist, Van Jones, General Stanley McChrystal, Chairwoman of Economic Advisors, Christine Romer, Director of the Office of Management and Budget, Peter Orszag, social [...]