Obamacare Labryinth is A Healthcare Nightmare

Oh, the horror, the horror. Even Kevin Hassett from Bloomberg Businessweek calls Representative Kevin Brady’s (R-Texas) chart a “terrifying road map’”and “the economic equivalent of the Bay of Pigs invasion.”
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi addressed the Legislative Conference for National Association of Counties last March, two weeks before the Senate passed Obamacare. She referred to the [...]

Civil Rights Groups Argue ‘Race to the Top’ Leaves the Poor at the Bottom

The  dynamic duo from Harvard, President Obama and Education Secretary Arne Duncan, are running into some  tough talk from groups that are feeling pretty darn unappreciated right now.
The NAACP, Rainbow Push Coalition, the National Urban League and others issued a 17-page blueprint for educational reform that challenges the $4.5 billion ‘Race to the Top’ initiative. The [...]

Chelsea Welcomes Father-in-Law ‘Fast Talkin Eddie’ To Lavish Wedding

New bride Chelsea Clinton would do well to keep a close eye on her millions after she marries Marc Mezvinsky this weekend.
Of course, Marc’s not responsible for the sins of his father, Ed “Fast Talkin Eddie’ Mezvinsky, who according to the FBI investigators was a “one-man crime wave” for over 20 years. And like a [...]

Arizona Judge Rules to Protect Illegal Alien Criminals

Clinton appointee Judge Susan Bolton added her name to the growing list of Obama’s flunkies. In the lawsuit filed by Eric Holder’s Department of Justice against the state of Arizona’s enforcement of SB 1070 Bolton handed the administration a victory today.
Bolton blocked four key sections of the law from being enforced:
Immigrants will not have [...]

Communist Van Jones Whines About Those Who Wronged Him

When is a threat not a threat? When it appears in an op-ed in the New York Times written by former Green Jobs czar, self-avowed communist and 9/11 truther Van Jones.
Jones’ editorial entitled “Shirley Sherrod and Me” calls out that ubiquitous, annoying technology like “flip cameras, laptops and cable TV.” According to Van,  those “rapidly [...]

Jan of Arizona is No Saint But She Fights Like One

Governor Jan Brewer might not hear voices that tell her to save the state and she’s definitely not the real Joan of Arc but in the past six months she’s proved herself  to be one tough warrior.
Besides preparing for  the court battle set to begin on July 22 in Phoenix pitting Eric Holder’s DOJ and the ACLU against [...]

Class Trips to Cuba? New York Has Some ‘Splainin To Do’

Teacher Nathan Turner loved Castro so much that he just had to see the dictator one more time before he died (Castro, not Turner). Well, he was teaching at the right school. At Beacon High on New York’s upper west side spring breaks weren’t exactly spent in Ft. Lauderdale. They went about 250 miles further [...]

Small U.S.Town Seeks to Resurrect Stalin’s Image

Bedford, Virginia, nestled in the scenic Blue Ridge mountains, boasts harvest festivals in the fall and fishing in the summer. And maybe in the near future the presence of a dead Communist tyrant.
The peaceful town is embroiled in a battle to place the bust of Josef Stalin alongside Churchill and Roosevelt at its D-Day Memorial site.

Statues  of [...]

The Left: Talk Radio and the Internet Are Destroying the Children!

You know the Left is desperate when they start using the kids.
It’s time to revisit the follow-up petition filed by the National Hispanic Media Coalition in May, 2010 to the Federal Communication Commission (FCC). After reading the 25-page document with over 30 Soros-funded groups signing on, this little sentence caught my attention:
NHMC et al is [...]

Helena Schools Will Debate the Left’s Favorite Agenda:Teaching Sex to 5-Year-Olds

The Helena Montana school board’s new health curriculum for students K-12 includes teaching about homosexuality in first grade and different types of sex in fifth grade. The board has invited the public to a July 13th discussion of the new program.
In kindergarten and first grade the little ones will learn the usual Progressive fare. There [...]