Obama’s Fatal Nuclear Deal


A regional nuclear arms race hangs in the balance.

The Pointlessness of the Two-Phased Nuclear Deal

366376_Ayatollah Khamenei

The deceptive first stage to a dangerous deal.

The New Shiite Crescent


While the world watches ISIS, a more serious threat metastasizes.

Obama’s Failed Nuclear Policy and Khamenei’s Duplicity


Will Congress stand up to the president?

Anniversary of the Islamic Republic and Mullahs

A woman passes a poster of the Khomeini and revolutionary guards, Iran.

Thirty-six years of darkness.

Did Iran Have a Hand in the Death of Alberto Nisman?


The search for justice in a suspicious “suicide.”

Iran-Syria-North Korea Nuclear Nexus


New reasons to doubt the Islamic Republic’s sincerity in nuclear negotiations.

How the Islamic Republic Is Shaping Iraq & Syria


And how Obama is letting it happen.

2015: A Good Year for the Mullahs


How Obama saved Iran from the oil price plummet.

The Islamic Republic Is Not Cuba


What the Mullahs really think of Obama’s surrender to Castro.