GOProud plays Wormtongue to GOP’s King Theoden

How many movies have you seen where the bad guy sends a saboteur into the good guy’s camp. This person pretends he wants the same end result as the good guy when all the while he’s working to bring him down. Wormtongue of “Lord of the Rings” fame comes to mind with his evil whisperings [...]

Obama Allows U.S. Sovereignty To Become U.N. Fish Bait

Have you ever seen someone toss chum on the water in an effort to stir the smaller fish into a feeding frenzy in order to lure the big fish?  It usually ends up a big, bloody mess. That’s what happened recently when the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC), a group of 47 nations, met [...]

The Vermont Supreme Court, Non-Biological Moms, and Your Brain on Feminism

Where are the feminists when you really need them? I mean real feminists, those who are looking out for women and the issues that matter to them, not the radical, leftist femisogynists who have co-opted the name today. The headline coming out of Vermont says it all: Custody Upheld For Vermont Lesbian Non-Biological Mom. The [...]

The Left Robs Us of “Nonpartisan” Politics

First the Left held up the word “liberal” at gunpoint, robbing it of its meaning as an open-minded person from the middle of the political spectrum.  Now it’s the turn of “nonpartisan.” Another day, another once useful word co-opted by the Left.  And another principle down the drain. The realization struck me while I was [...]

Christian’s Civil Rights Caged By Overbearing State

Every time I think something is the last straw, that “they” (The Powers That Be) have gone too far, something happens to lower the bar to even more ridiculous levels than a Sylvester and Tweety Bird cartoon. Case in point is this latest headline from Fox News: Michigan Woman Faces Civil Rights Complaint for Seeking [...]