The Left’s Beck Envy


Communists, socialists, Islamists, and union fat cats desperately try to manufacture support for their Washington D.C. rally.

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Castro’s Preacher


Rev. Lucius Walker dies — having spent a lifetime venerating a dictator who tortured his fellow believers.

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Palestine and Hiroshima?


The Religious Left manufactures yet another bizarre association in its war on Israel.

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Bearing False Witness


Are the Ground Zero mosque opponents really like European anti-Semites — as evangelical Left theorist David Gushee claims?

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Undermining the Jewish State


Bishop Mark Hanson and the Religious Left take their anti-Israel crusade to the White House.

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The Islamo-Fascist


How Nazi general Otto Ernst Remer came to admire Islamism for carrying on Hitler’s work.

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Kneeling Before Holy Jihad


Religious Left crusaders submit to Islamic supremacists and their 9/11 victory mosque.

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Blood for Blasphemy


Vigilante justice in Pakistan keeps Christian infidels living in terror.

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Praying Against Arizona


The Religious Left twists scripture to advance the open-borders agenda.

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The Pearly Gatecrasher


Leftist evangelical crusader Jim Wallis makes an unwanted visit to to a Christian festival.

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