Blaming America for Islamist Persecution of Christians


The Religious Left continues its pathological mental gymnastics.

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The Church of Israel Divestment


While Gaddafi murders, the Religious Left vamps up its Israel boycott lobby.

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Religious Left: We Are Muslims, Too!


Is any acknowledgment of a jihadist threat acceptable to the saints of social justice?

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Scott Walker: A Bad Christian?


According to the Religious Left, standing up to public sector unions is a sin.

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The Religious Left’s Silence on Qaddafi’s Rampage


The prophets of social justice only scream when the U.S. and Israel can be demonized.

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Progressive Except on Israel


Why does the Religious Left demonize the only democracy in the Middle East?

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An Ungodly American Empire?


Leaders of the Religious Left meet to condemn the U.S. as a source of violence and oppression in the world.

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Conservative Christians Demand Action Against Iranian Nukes


A new coalition seeks to stop the Islamic Republic from achieving its end-times goal.

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New Evangelical Left Film for Amnesty


Does Christianity demand mass legalization for illegal immigrants?

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Immigration Newspeak


The Religious Left claims scriptural authority to ban the word “illegals.”

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