Dr. Laura and the 9/11 Mosque: The Shifting Sands of the Left’s Moral Vacuity

On August 11, Dr. Laura Schlessinger, a radio talk show host of 30 years, used the N-word on the air eleven times to inartfully make a point concerning the N-word.  The consequence, as usual, is that Dr. Laura was labeled by our moral and intellectual superiors at Media Matters and other liberal media outlets as [...]

Anti-Bullying Laws Could Lead to Anti-Free Speech Policy

Lawmakers in the Bay State are roundly congratulating themselves for addressing what they see as a growing problem in Massachusetts: high school bullying. In general, the Massachusetts anti-bullying statute prohibits the repeated bullying of a student by another student or group of students on school property or at any school sponsored activity.  Massachusetts lawmakers included [...]

Kagan: A Friend to Executive Power

Elena Kagan has been selected by President Obama to be Justice Stevens’ successor. As is to be expected from a decision by an exceptionally liberal President, conservatives and Republicans are raising their eyebrows and the pundits are asking the usual questions.  The questions under scrutiny, naturally, are her qualifications, her breadth of experience on the [...]