New Poll: Palestinians Do Not Want a State Next to Israel

I’ve been arguing for quite some time – along with about a million other people – that the Palestinians do not want a state in peace next to Israel, because they refuse, time and again, to accept such a state. As I’ve noted repeatedly, they turned down such offers in 1937 and 1947 and 2000 [...]

Confronting Jew-Hatred at Daily Kos: A Jew Stands Up

I continue to maintain that Daily Kos is the premier progressive website on the Internet and is thus representative of progressive-left thinking, more generally. That’s why it pisses me off. As someone who comes out of the Progressive Movement I am horrified to see that anti-Zionism and Israel hatred (with its shrouded anti-Semitism) is a [...]

Confronting Jew Hatred on Daily Kos: Meteor Blades Edition

The Daily Kos administrator that patrols Israel-Palestinians discourse is Meteor Blades (Timothy Lange) – and Blades is definitely no friend of either the Jewish people or the Jewish state. Here’s one reason why. Recently the infamous heathlander suggested (for the 134,985th time) that Jewish nationalism, unlike any other nationalism on the planet, is racist. Zionism [...]

Z Street Blues

It never ceases to amaze me the degree to which our current federal government, not to mention our current President, seems just hell-bent on alienating American Jews.  Do they think that somehow smacking around pro-Israel and pro-Jewish organizations will serve their purposes?  Do they suppose that Arabs states, or Muslim states, will like the United [...]

Evangelicals Rock!

Slate has an article by Steven I. Weiss that needs to get some attention. Most Jews, particularly most progressive Jews, have issues with the Evangelical community. They don’t trust them. The main reason that progressive Jews do not trust Evangelical Christians is because they believe that the reason that Evangelicals support Israel is out of [...]

The Cutest Genocidal Threat in the History of Genocidal Threats

Hamas children’s TV program again calls for the ‘slaughter of Jews’ from Palestinian Media Watch on Vimeo. One of the things that got me in trouble on Daily Kos was that I mentioned that Palestinians sometimes teach their children to hate Jews. This is a “no-no” over there. While you can lambaste the hell out [...]

Confronting Jew-Hatred at Daily Kos: The Week in Review

Daily Kos, along with such blogs as the Huffington Post, is one of the major purveyors of left-wing Israel Hatred, if not hatred toward Jews, more generally, to be found on-line. Over the course of the last week, between Sunday, August 1 and Saturday, August 7  “Kossacks” published 17 “diaries” on the subject of Israel [...]

Brigitte Gabriel: A Christian Survives Radical Islam

It boggles my mind, the things that I am beginning to learn now that I have freed myself from the Left.  I am still a progressive, of course, but then, so is Ms. Gabriel.  Until today, to my shame, I had simply never heard of her.  Or, if I had, I am sure I just [...]

Pro-Israel Left Illusions on Daily Kos

Believe it or not, Israel does have some support on Daily Kos.  (Shocking!  I know!) As hard as it might be to believe, not everyone who writes on the Israel-Arab conflict at The Great Orange Satan is hostile to Israel.   Among the pro-Israel Left, however, there are some (such as Meretz / Peace Now / [...]

Confronting Jew Hatred on Daily Kos: Are They Nazis?

Well, no.  Of course, they are not Nazis.  That is, they are not members of the National Socialist German Workers Party (that’s not quite possible, now is it?) nor are they modern day Neo-Nazi white supremacists.  They are, for the most part, leftists who claim to hate war, favor environmental regulation, women’s rights, gay rights, [...]