Caroline Glick, YouTube, and Political Alliances

I very much admire Jerusalem Post journalist and deputy managing editor, Caroline Glick. Glick seems considerably to my right, politically, but I love the fact that she’s tough as nails in her support for Israel. Personally, I no longer care where anyone stands on the political spectrum when it comes to the Israel-Arab conflict, [...]

Gaza: Crisis, Hunger, and Plague

As you can see from this recent Pierre Rehov video, Gaza is entirely filled with “crisis, hunger, and plague.”

The truth, of course, is that Gaza is poor. It’s not particularly poor compared to many other areas of the Middle East or the world, but poor it is … which is why Israel sends in [...]

Breaking: Jews Have Humor, Drives Hard-Left Bonkers

There’s a tendency on the Left to fling around charges of racism like they’re confetti. This is rather odd because while accusations of racism drop from the leftist sky like rain, charges of anti-Semitism are usually met with contempt, as we’ve seen with the recent Helen Thomas nonsense. In other words, on [...]