The East Anglia Revelations Have Not Changed My Mind, Part 1

On Fox’s Special Report Monday evening, Brit Hume made the central argument against the politics and science of global warming: its proponents have not yet made accurate predictions. Nor have they gotten the concept straight. Is “global warming” or “climate change” the problem?
I began writing about this issue years ago [...]

How Does it Demonstrate the Moral Superiority of American Justice to Give the 9/11 Mastermind a Show Trial?

Editor’s Note: Peter Collier and David Forsmark have also blogged about this issue today here and here.
Political hacks are dullards whose primary utility is obeying any order with gusto. Eric Holder is the quintessential political hack.
In the last days of the Clintons’ empire of sleaze, then Deputy Attorney General Eric Holder proactively assisted Clinton in [...]

The Fort Hood Shooting is Terrorism, Not Quantum Physics

Watching several days of commentary on Nidal Hasan’s (no, I will not call him “Major Hasan”) Fort Hood massacre was painful. Evan Thomas of Newsweek turned it into something about “right wingers.” Sally Quinn, widow of Ben Bradley who writes a “Faith Column” for the Washington Post, wasn’t sure what [...]

“Marxo-Sapiens” to the Rescue, Part 3: How is This “Paid For”? It Isn’t

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Insurance companies will now be mere appendages of the government, offering one mandated product. Doctors, nurses, and drug companies, who are the actual providers of medical care, also will be appendages of the government, because the government will decide how they get paid. But [...]

“Marxo-Sapiens” to the Rescue, Part 2: Prepare for 1,900 Pages of Unintended Consequences

Editor’s Note: Click here for Part 1 of this 3-part series
Americans will be very unhappy when this bill finally is implemented. Unintended consequences abound, as they always do, when liberals “do good” with other people’s money. Regardless of how bad one paints the picture, it is almost guaranteed to be worse. There will be a [...]

“Marxo-Sapiens” to the Rescue, Part 1: Health “Reform” Bill Passes the House

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Karl Marx was a moron. Like so many intellectuals, he thrived in the tree but was lost in the forest. His solution for mankind’s ills was to simply invent a new being. The Marxo-Sapien is a being that happily gives to [...]

CAIR Equivocates in Fort Hood Condemnations

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Huge Military Slaughter — But First A “Shout Out” to Obama’s Bud

It would [...]

Eleven Guys in a Pizzeria and New York’s 23rd District

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District 23 in New York encompasses 11 counties in the most northern part of the state. Most of the district is further north than Toronto, Canada.  It’s geographically large, about the size of Connecticut and Massachusetts combined. Much [...]

Sarah Palin, the “Amiable Duncess,” Continues to Enrage the GOP Establishment

Editor’s Note: NewsReal has previously covered Sarah Palin’s clashes with GOP insiders, the media, and the Left here, here, and here.
As I have said many times before on my blog, the Republican Party and the majority of Republican commentators wish that Sarah Palin would just go away. They don’t like her, period. They share the [...]

When is a Nazi Comparison not Out of Bounds?


Last night, Brit Hume and Bill O’Reilly informed their audience, in a discussion about recent White House attacks on Fox News, that partisan comparisons to Nazi Germany in today’s political world are verboten. Apparently it rebounds negatively back onto the writer or speaker. However, sometimes the shoe fits so well, it must be worn. White House interim [...]